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Why is Barry Bonds the greatest baseball player ever.?



4 all you who think hes on ROIDS suck ti cuz he ain't, hes never tested positive for steroids ever.

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    Cuz he is an artificial life form, genetically engineered a**hole.

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    Bonds will never be one of the Greatest.

    Baseball will use him to bring more fans to the game, they will not ban him because the comish is a weakling. Barry Bonds not only cheated in MLB, he also broke a federal law or 3 when he put the drugs into his body. He has transported illegal substances across state lines, he has lied to congress under oath, and he has taken an illegal substance.

    Now if you would like to consider someone who has no love of the game the greatest, then you can maybe use his artificial stats to make a case. Anyone who remembers Bonds being a skinny base stealer in Pitt, will agree that he had to use something to bulk up long ago.

    The top baseball players of all time,

    Babe Ruth. Pitcher, and Home run king.

    Honus Wagner. Great hitter, and early on the best player at his position

    Ted Williams. Can you say .400

    Johnny Bench best catcher

    Cy Young- he has an award named for him......

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    While I would say he ranks high on the list, I also will say he cheated to get there. Its kind of like playing a video game say...MLB 2000 and using a cheat code fo some sort so every hit you get is boosted by 30% making a player like Renteria hit 40 HRs. Bonds is naturally gifted and has put up numbers (While cheating) and without the enhancers he ranks high but here are 5 players I know are better baseball players in their time than Barry could ever dream of being.

    1. Ken Griffey Junior (Maybe the best we will ever see, too bad he got hurt so much later in his career)

    2. Alex Rodriguez (No enhancers)

    3. Hank Aroon

    4. Joe Dimaggio

    5. Babe Ruth (He was the leagues best pitcher and hitter at the same time)

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    He might be the best home run hitter of all times but you cant say he's the best baseball player ever because you cant forget about pete rose, nobody has ever hustled as much as he did and got as much hits as he has. Pete Rose shoud be in the hall of fame, because he accomplished all of the other stuff before they screwed him, so he gambled, so did jordan and a bunch of others but you dont hear about any of them getting kicked out of sports for life. If pete rose dont go to the hall of fame, the hall is a joke. sorry this is so long. Barry Bonds is still A GREAT PLAYER,HIS BATTING AVE. shows that and his hommers, and i dont think he ever has taken any roids either.

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    Because he was already one of the greatest ever, and when he began taking steroids and HGH it put him on a whole other level, which is why he hit 73 homers, and surpassed his career high by "only" 24 homers at an age when players are slowing down, and set records for walks and intentional walks. Does that answer your question? Does it???

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    we are able to not in any respect be conscious of. His alleged steroid use DOES inflate his numbers. With steroid use, a baseball participant effective factors the potential to hit the ball harder and farther. distinctive balls that should be fly ball outs grow to be residing runs. No, steroids do not help a hitter make contact and see pitches better effective, regardless of the indisputable fact that they maximum actual upload to a participant's energy numbers. without steroid use, Bonds regardless of the indisputable fact that had helpful potential and a passable batting eye, yet we are going to via no skill understand precisely how a lot of an consequences steroids had on his skill.

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    he is amazing...amazing at continuously lieing and cheating. i partially agree with club12222. i wouldnt consider a-rod top of the game just yet. he still has many years to go (at least 150 more long balls). Griffey Jr (if he stayed healthy) may have been the only legit threat to Hanks record (bonds cheated, therefore excluded). the only guy right now that i can think of to come close/may be able to break it...Albert Pujols. its still too early for Ryan Howard to make a legit arguement.

    also bonds was never an outstanding OF, just the average guy. you wanna talk about greatest defensive OF ever? cant say for sure but Jim Edmonds has to be top 5, even top 3.

    in conclusion, bonds is a lieing, cheating douche and deserves to get his knees taken out from the get go of the season so he will never be able to touch the record.

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    He isn't. I've never understood the fascination with the bum. He's always been an average OF who could hit. Of course now that he's suspected of cheating, the debate should be over. He is NOT the greatest ever. His numbers are now all in question, they are now just like Jose Canseco's, meaningless!!!

    I think that recognition should still go to someone like Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, guys who earned it. Hank Aaron is still the Home Run King!

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    He isn't te greatest player ever..He's a fake and a coward..I could name for you 10 guys right now who are better than him:

    Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Roger Maris, Joe Dimaggio, Jackie Robinson, Albert Pujols will be, and Honus Wagner. There's probably much more but I can't think of any right now.

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    It is only your opinion. We wlll see five years after he retires how the Hall of Fame voters view him. Hopefully like they treated that other "juiced" up freak, Mark McGuire.

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    Whatever it is that you're imbibing, STOP!!!!!!

    For kobrajesus, and since Mike mentioned World Series rings, no, that could be Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg, or (at least to date) Greg Maddux, but not an artificially enhanced being.

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