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Iran vs Israel?

Will we have another war against Israel? Does Israel have the right to preemptive strike against Iran?

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    Does Israel have the right to defend itself? Absolutely - just as every other nation in the world does. And, anyone who says otherwise - is likely in the category of wanting to see Israel destroyed - including several who already posted nonsense here.

    Does Israel have the right to a pre-emptive strike? Again, yes.

    As for the ridiculous assertion that Israel was somehow wrong to pre-emptively strike in the past - let's look at history:

    1967 - this was the first pre-emptive strike (after being attacked by 5 Arab countries in 1948, 3 in 1956, and repeatedly before, between and after these dates). In 1967, Egypt and Syria made it clear they were about to attack - Israel simply chose the time and was able to save its own citizens by fighting on its terms.

    In 1973, the Arabs attacked on Yom Kippur - knowing that the majority of Israelis would be in synagogues praying? All of you people who complained about Israel striking pre-emptively - have you no complaint about the Arab actions there?

    In terms of the Palestinians - it is all very clear to anyone willing to really look at the situation. As Israel's UN Ambassador said recently - "when you sleep with a missile, sometimes you don't wake up." That does for the Lebanese as well as the Palestinians.

    To see more about terror attacks on Israel - and the results of the Lebanon War - the one started by Hizbullah when they crossed INTO sovereign Israeli territory and murdered and kidnapped Israeli soldiers - see There's a link there to several PowerPoint presentations created by someone living in Haifa who witnessed dozens of katyusha rocket attacks.

    The old saying is simple, but true - If the Arabs stop their aggression and terrorism, we'll have peace in the Middle East. If the Israelis stop...there'll be no Israel.

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    I think it is eventual. I ahte to believe that, but that whole region is a powder keg waiting for a spark.

    As for whether Israel has the right to preemptive strike? Thats a real tough one. According to Israel they will strike because they don't want a repeat of the holocaust. But that is with the idea that it would happen. And if Israel does perform a preemptive strike then it is possible that anti-Israeli rhetoric may increase. Who knows.

    Iran doesn't even recognize Israel, so as far as they are concerned (I would believe) Israel can shove off. Even without nukes Iran can affect things in other regions far from home due to thier financial capabilities.

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    Journalists who have been to Iran recently say Most People do not want to be against most of the World. Also Israelis and Palestinians are Here to Stay! That is not the Same Issue...! But I am Fed Up with USA Politicians meddling in Israeli Politics and Israelis doing the Same in USA Politics. Instead of a wide Consensus in both. Countries!

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    We were not fighting Israel. Lebanon was! Or more accurately Iran was.

    If you don't recognize the fact that Iran, Iraq insurgents lobing bombs by whatever way they could into Israel as an act of aggression, then what planet were you born on.

    If Isreal had not been constantly harressed from the Lebanon border, Isreal would not have attacked Lebanon. Lebanon should have taken care of the problem within their border before it spelled out into Isreal.

    If you don't understand, start throwing rocks at your neighbor and see what he does. Be ready for the consequences.

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    If Israel thought that Iran had a nuke, and was going to use it against them, they would level the entire country.

    The fact is, it doesn't matter if Iran gets a nuke - because if they were to even attempt to use it on anybody there would be no more Iran.

    It's would be 'non-mutually assured self-destruction'.

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    I'm Israeli, born and raised in Tel Aviv. And it does look like we may get into a war with Israel. Hopefully it won't go nuclear. But I guarantee that the Iranians will run scared at the sight of our superb defense forces. We have the right to exist and will fight to the death against ANY enemy. Sh'ma Yisrael!!!

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    Iran has the right to a pre-emptive strike against Israel. Israel has been threatening to attack Iran, so Iran has the right to pre-emptively attack Israel.

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    Only the 5 permanent members of the UN security council have the right to have nuclear weapons ( technically speaking I don't agree with that) No country has the legal right to a pre emptive strike, a declaration of war is required. But hey the invasion of Iraq was technically speaking illegal, one rule applies in international relations. MIGHT = RIGHT

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    I think Israel should for sure strike Iran and soon. But hey I live in ISrael so I am biased. And scared.

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    those enemies of israel have been trying to wipe her away since she started, problem is there must be some GOD or something on their side cuz apparently 1 billion jew haters can't manage to wipe out 7 million jews no matter how many resources and $ they have... no matter how many years they try-- Viva ISRAEL

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