Can I purchase a cell phone other than one that my carrier is selling and bring it to them for service..?

for example, Im in the market for a new phone and I plan on having Cingular as the carrier of the service. Now, can I buy a phone direct from Motorola, or Nokia even if cingular isnt selling the particular phone I want, then bring it to them for service? I would also like to know ( I asked this question about 4 in the morning and maybe not to many people saw it) As it stands I have narrowed down my cingular choices to the V3xx and the LG cu500 I would appreciate some opinions has to which one is the better buy. Better quality camera, and better quality sound when talking and listening. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You usually can, as long as the phone is GSM and uses the same bands as cingular. Any quad band phone should be fine for cingular. I purchased a phone from ebay that was GSM and cingular compatible and it works great. Just be careful with some of the sellers on ebay if you choose to go that route, make sure they have plenty of good ratings and it doesn't even hurt to look at the bad ratings to see the whole picture. Anyways good luck!

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    you should be able to. I bought a cingular phone online and just got a sim card from them so I dont see the problem.

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    4 years ago

    theirs extremely no telephone campanies which will enable u do this so that you've got 2 flow 2 an area that both have used sim playing cards or stolen sim playing cards lol yet yea that the finest element to do

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