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JD Edwards - is Oracle planning to phase it out?

A friend of mine has an Enterprise Sales/Distribution background (a little similar to me), and is looking at training himself to become a Functional Consultant along the JD Edwards ERP application - EnterpriseOne. Since Oracle acquired PeopleSoft sometime back (and with it JD Edwards too), what is the future of the JD Edwards ERP package - especially the career outlook for JD Edwards consultants? Is my friend making the right move in trying to acquire skills along an ERP package which is not as popular as SAP or Oracle? Will he find enough work opportunities in the future? How would i be helping him find the right information to base his decision on - as his whole future career might depend on it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't think so, JD Edwards is good for middle-size enterprises, Neither SAP, Peoplesoft or Oracle Financials are suitable for middle-size companys

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  • Amber
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    4 years ago

    Edward Elric

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