Do you believe on those zodiac signs,life path numbers,love match?

Are really those true???but why is that I have known a friend who's birthday is Saggittarius,she and the Cancer zodiac guy really get along well and now they are lovers.But thery are leat compatible in the love love match,life path,birth signs..?So can anyone give me any logical explanation regarding this one??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I dated 2 virgos - exact opposite of my sign - and they ended as fast as it started. Each relationship lasted 7-8 mos. It wasn't until half way into the second relationship that I found out that they were the exact opposite and a lot of things started to make sense.

    I'm married to a woman who's sign is a month away from my ideal mate, but we've been together for 6 years now. The descriptions of the problems we have according to our signs are very true though.

    Logical explanations for astronomical influences on our lives can't be found. It makes you wonder how much the universe actually affects us. I'm sure there are links there that haven't been fully researched.

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    1 decade ago

    I can't give a logical explanation as to any science that works a certain way. I'm a saggittarious, and everyone I've ever worked with who is the same has a basic personality type that is similar. I'm thinking that there is a cyclical pattern that occurs to people born certain times of the year, the stresses and strains of the environment (seasonal) and how those who most influence you respond to the environment during your most impressionable infancy. It's not impossible to beleive that some ancient civilisation had a greater of understanding of how the constellations and the earth patterns effect human behaviour and the memes and thoughts we disseminate amoung one another, much like the fact that the birth rate skyrockets every time there is a full moon.

    Other than that, I beleive that much of any ascertainable science was lost long ago, and what we have now is generalised and driven by charlatains.

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