Korean fans - what is the red blue and yellow swirl?

Is there any significance to the round fan used in traditional dances? the fan is kind of unique -- it has a red, blue, and yellow swirl.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmm, I think you're talking about the Taegeuk mark. There are two kinds of Taegeuk marks.

    You might have seen the Taegeuk(태극) mark. The swirling mark, made of colors of red and blue, has become something that best represents korean tradition and spirit. You can also see the mark on the national flag of Korea.

    Blue stands for 'Yin' and red stands for 'Yang'. Yin represents the shade, the earth, female, and the water, Yang represents the sun, the sky, male, fire, and so on.

    Now, Samtaegeuk(삼태극. 삼simply means three) contains yellow, making the number of colors 3. Now, the number '3' represents 'harmony'. Also, by adding the color yellow, the three colors now represent the earth, the sky, and the human being.

    I translated this from a Korean webpage. I'm a Korean native, and you can often see the Taegeuk mark around. I guess it's something like the blue and red stripes in the states. The 2 colored Taegeuk is used much more often.

    Source(s): Korean portal site Naver.
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