What do you think of the show gay straight or taken????

I kinda think it is neat and fun but boy it is hard.... I thought i could at least know what a gay person is like by manurisms and things but boy was i wrong lol.... I am glad I am married because if i had to do that to try and find a date i dont know how good i would be at it and if i could choose the right guy.... It is hard enough dating and being single but that makes it even harder lol.... It sure is an interesting show though... It comes on lifetime tv. Do you think this show is fun and would you want to try it if you were single and dating or would you think it was too hard?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think it is kinda funny... Interesting to say the least. I watch it with my wife and sometimes she gets it right and thinks the girls are stupid but other times she is way off lol. We are always trying to guess which is which lol... If you dont choose the right guy then you lose and do not go on the vacation.... The gay guy gets to go with his boyfriend if you choose the gay guy as being single and available or the one that is taken gets to go on the vacation with his wife or girlfriend if you choose him ... But if you choose the available one then you get to go on the vacation with him lol. Fun show for sure but very hard Great and fun question by the way... Lightens up the mood on here:) Thanks for the smiles....

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    I am right behind you with this one, it would be hard, very hard. No! I would have a hard time doing it. I do feel it was a way for the gays to come out of the closet, because there sure are some very, very nice looking ones, OH BOY! LOL

  • m c
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    1 decade ago

    No, not interested in that type thing. Things like this is why people get confused and make a choice of being something they are really not.

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