Newtons To Mass?

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If an object's weight on Earth is 75 N, what is its mass? How do I solve this problem. I must convert Newtons to mass?
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The gravitational field on earth is 9.8 N/kg (or almost 10 N/kg)
So you divide weight by gravitional field to get mass
75/9.8 = 7.7 kg
or 7.5 kg (if you are using 10 N/kg)
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  • morningfoxnorth answered 7 years ago
    Newtons don't "convert" to mass. Newtons are a unit of weight or force. Mass is "how much" stuff there is in an object.

    Think of it this way. A 1 kilgram hammer can rest on a table, and will press down on the table with a force of 9.807 N. Or, you can pick it up, and hit the table with a force of 100 N. It's still the same mass, but the force is different.

    That said, an object of 1 kilogram will rest on the Earth with a weight of 9.807 newtons (about, the exact number depends on where in the world you are.)
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  • me.asks answered 7 years ago
    Divide the value in Newtons by 9.8 to get the mass in kg.

    F = mg

    where F = Weight in newtons
    m = mass in kg
    g = acceleration due to gravity, 9.8 m/s^2

    For 75 N , the mass is 7.65 kg
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