Life in New Mexico?

I'm 21 and planning a move to Albuquerque in the fall. What are some positives and negatives to living in the city/state?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some positives to living in New Mexico, is the beauty it has. Some 0f the world's most beautiful sunsets are here, and you can travel 100 miles in desert and end up in miraculous mountains. in the winter, if there is a good snow there is good skiing areas. There are a few fun casinos. the finest original Mexican food all over the state. Albuquerque has a few good clubs. Santa fe and Alb have awesome shopping. Some Negatives. Alb has one of the largest crime rates per capita in the nation. there isn't a whole lot to do here for young people, aka under 21, or anyone who isn't into the club scene. And there are a lot of ignorant and racist people here. not necessarily a positive or a negative, just a neutral thing, large Hispanic population, more Hispanic than white, and alot that dont speak English. you may think you crossed the border. Personally i like living here, i am white so i feel out of place in the hispanic cultured towns such as deming, las cruces, and a few other places, but altogether it's not that bad. i have met a lot of interesting people here

    Source(s): Lived in NM my entire life
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