Are you ready for some "GUNSMOKE".......these are for the TRUE fan...?

1. What is the shape of Matt's hat? (It is a bit different)

2. Ted Jordan played the recurring role as _____.

3. The series was set in the 18__'s.

4. The nickname given to Amanda Blake when she first started her acting career?

5. The name of the hotel in town?

6. In one episode, Kitty is beaten and shot. As Matt sits by her side, he tells her something romantic...what was it?

A. I love

B.I need you

C.Will you marry me?

7. James Arness got the gig because of his friendship with ____


8. Name two BIG NAME guest stars that appeared on the show.

(There were MANY.)

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    1) Hat is a Mesa Slope Crown w/ a V-Eagle Brim that has a pencil rolled edge

    EDIT: Hat is a Original Creation by Baron California Hats,,,

    and is available for sale as a reproduction,,model name "The Marshall"

    2) Nathan Burke the Town Gossip Freight Agent

    He Originally appeared with James Arness in the 1950 Movie "Sierra"

    3)Setting was from when Santa Fe Railroad reached Kansas in 1872 to the End of the Texas Cattle Drives,,1885

    4)Nickname,,"The Young Greer Garson"

    And "Kitty" was an actual real-life nickname

    5) Hotel: Dodge House

    6) " I need You Kitty"

    7)John Wayne

    He Introduced the First Episode of the Gunsmoke TV Series.

    On September 10th, 1955 Television history was made. Not only was it the premier night for TV’s most legendary series, but it was the first and only time that the greatest of all legendary icons introduced a TV show. For on our TV screens, in glorious black and white stood John Wayne Himself, in full western regalia.

    He spoke directly to the audience: "Good evening. My name's Wayne. Some of you may have seen me before. I hope so. I've been kicking around Hollywood a long time. I've made a lot of pictures out here. All kinds. Some of them have been westerns and that's what I'm here to tell you about tonight. A western. A new television show called "Gunsmoke". When I first heard about the show "Gunsmoke", I knew there was only one man to play in it. James Arness. He's a young fellow, and maybe new to some of you. But I've worked with him and I predict he'll be a big star. And now I'm proud to present Gunsmoke.">>>>>more( a nice tribute to the program for anyone interested)

    8)(Sheesh,throw a dart,,lol)

    Pernell Roberts

    Russell Johnson ( Proffessor from Gilligan's Island,,lol)

    Ed Asner

    Burt Reynolds

    Joe Don Baker

    Carroll O'Connor

    Harrison Ford

    Donna Mills

    Peter Graves ( Matt's Real Life Brother)

    Jack Elam

    Jim Davis

    Harry Dean Stanton

    Ed Asner

    Cloris Leachman

    George Kennedy

    George Lindsay

    Forrest Tucker

    Pat Hingle

    Slim Pickens

    Mariette Hartley

    Tom Skerrit

    and a Bunch of Others

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    1 - A wide brim?

    2 - Nathan Burke, the freight agent

    3 - 1890's

    4 - The Young Greer Garson

    5 - Dodge House

    6 - B - I need you

    7 - John Wayne

    8 - Buddy Ebsen and Harrison Ford

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    #8 Burt Reynolds (who had a role as the blacksmith) and Kurt Russell, Beau Bridges, Leonard Nimoy

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    I love this show but I can only answer 1 Q

    #8 .. John Voight

    .. Eric Braden (Victor Y&R)

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