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Unfinished Root Canal?

Ok so I had an emergency root canal done while I was on vacation away from my regular dentist. My question is's about 5months since I had it done and I never got around to getting a crown put on it...for the most part because I had a temp filling.......

1. What will happen now, since it's been almost 5months since my root canal was done and no crown?

2. Will my regular insurance doctor be able to put a crown in for me?


I know they completely finished the root canal because they had me come in twice and told me afterwards I need to put a crown on it.....

Im just worried that Im by me waiting too long I might have to shell out more money for a second root canal...

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    Just like JTW said, you need the crown and a build up material to replace the missing tooth structure and to retain the tooth's integrity. You'll also need to have the root canal tooth x rayed to make sure it's even finished. They may have just pulped the tooth without filling the canals while you were on vacation. I wouldn't wait on this, you could wind up loosing the tooth if your not careful. The temp material doesn't last too long. As for the insurance, you dentist office will have to check on that but most insurance co. require you to pay about half of the crown's cost. Hope you don't wait too much longer. Good luck.

    OK, if you know they finished the root canal then you should be good to go ahead with the build up and crown procedure. These are two different procedures so insurance shouldn't be an issue. The tooth should be fine unless you've broken the temp filling out of the access opening. If you have broken it, that leaves an opening that allows bacteria to reach the canal chambers that have been filled giving the tooth a prime advantage for decay or reinfection to develop. I wouldn't wait too long to get the build up placed at least, then you have a little time to do the crown. If you do wait too long to do this step there is a very good chance you may need to have the tooth retreated again. Hope this helps clear this up for you.

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    Go to your regular Dentist and have him x-ray the tooth to see if decay is present and check the integrity of the root canal. It will still need a crown if you intend on keeping it long term. Your dental insurance should cover a portion of the crown, the tooth wil be considered fragile without the crown.

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    after a root canal is done the tooth has no life supply therefore over time it begins to loose integrity and becomes brittle and fragile. You most definitely should proceed with a crown asap and yes your insurance should cover at least a portion of it and yes your regular dentist should be able to do the crown work for you.

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    No matter what, the temporary cap still needs to be replaced. See your regular dentist 1 st to get your referral to the dental surgeon/specialist who will put the crown on. If your regular dentist is certified to put on the crown (just ask) then he'll do the job.

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    1.The temporary filling can break down, so it is a good idea to get it done.

    2. Talk to your insurance or dentist to get the answer to this one. I can't predict what insurance companies will do with this!

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