If I purchase a Norton Internet Security and run it, will it remove the spy ware and ad ware?

I have Norton Anti Virus installed on my pc. I recently ran a web spybot and it said I had 2300 infections of spyware.

My question is if I purshase a Norton Internet Security and run it, will it remove the spyware and adware? And can you set the NIS to preform/scan every day or so?

My NAV has never reported any viruses and I run it every day.

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    You're better off using AVG. It's just as good as Norton, if not better and it's completely free.

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    If you are talking about Norton Internet security suite, it is an all in one package including firewall, anti-virus and spyware. It should remove most of the spyware. The paid version also comes installed with automatic updates and has real time protection. For a product review of Norton go to http://www.download.com/Norton-Internet-Security/3... What most people do not realize is that no spyware or anti-virus product is 100% effective. So download the other spyware programs that the others mentioned above. Those can be found at www.download.com.

    You do not have to fork over money to keep yourself protected. There are free programs you can use(mentioned above). The free programs do not have automatic updates, so you have to update them yourself, and real time protection (this feature prevents spyware from being installed in the first place) But there is a good free program called "spyware blaster" that only has real time protection.

    Most experts do not recommend that you have more than one anti-virus program running at the same time, so make sure you disable your current anti-virus if you install Norton. You can however, have more than one spyware program running at the same time.

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    I wish you had not put Norton on your computer. It's bad news. It's so aggressive, it will almost control your PC. Too bad you couldn't uninstall it & get Spybot Search & Destroy anti spyware at Ewido.com It's free, and it will definitely get rid of the spyware, and it will list it for you. Then click on " fix problems " I do a manual scan once a week, but get daily updates, so your PC will recognize new threats. After getting rid of that spyware, click on " immunize ", so your PC will not be affected by that same spyware again. Most people think you just install these programs and forget about them, but they need attention.

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    Norton and Spybot are quite different removal tools, One is for virus and certain aplets etc, the other is really a snooping indicator. Run FIX on Spybot and those you cannot fix, go to we below as ive indicated in next paragraph.

    Should you find one that either Spybot or AVG cant handle, go on web and find out how others got rid of it, If you got it so does others and on web you will find how to rid of it for free too.

    Why buy a new Norton? Get that AVG for free, it will clean out your computer of virus, trogans, and the like, and isolate those not possible.

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    NO A ANTI-VIRUS program will not remove adware and spyware. you have to have adware and spyware programs like

    ad-ware se

    and spybot search and destroy.

    these are just a few

    and dont get McAfee it is just as crappy as Nortons. And they are both system hogs.

    Dont be suprised if you have a virus and nortons does not pick it up. It has a habbit of missing viruses.

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    Sometimes, but it's pointless because you can remove all of that stuff by doing two things:

    1) Download the program SpyBot: S & D from http://www.download.com/3000-8022-10122137.html

    This is a free program that works excellently by searching your hard drive for suspicious software and eliminating them. It automatically deletes Spyware and Ad-ware without harming your system. I would never pay to have Spyware removed. This program works wonderfully.

    2) Don't download illegal music

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    I had Norton on 3 computers (3 site license) and returned it to Symantec with a nasty letter. They reimbursed me. Norton used to be really good but is way too invasive. I agree with the other guy - AVG is great and easy. If you have Time Warner, they give you a free one (I wouldn't install the firewall - but then again, I hate them.)

    AVG IS free

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    dont get norton get McAfee its better plus no norton wont get rid of the add ware and spyware so get Add-ware removal program at download.com and also get spybot search and destroy. Ive had Mcafee for years and had no problems with it and havent caught any viruses using it.

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    You need to update your antivirus regularly - they're called signature files, and if not updated, your system will start to accumulate viruses.

    As for spyware - check the Norton sight and see what kind of updates you can get cheaply... their descriptions of products are pretty straight forward.

    If Norton is up to date - it should keep your system quite secure - they were my favorite for years.


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    Any type of legitimate anti-virus software should work, but it has to be the latest version since the ad ware and spy ware people work constantly to defeat your anti-virus software.

    You have to keep updating or perhaps you need more memory on your computer.

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