Statute of limitations on statutory rape?

14 year old seduces 23 year old and the 23 year is being blackmailed, what is statute of limitations in Ohio?, and the best way to handle this situation?

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    Sorry in that case, 14 years old... is a sex crime against a child, not the same as rape of an adult. There is no statute of limitations for sex crimes against children. The 23 year old is the adult, and should have known better. There is no "best" way to handle this situation, except people should think before they act, I am unsure of how a kid at 14 years old could suduce an adult and then the adult, (who should be guiding the child appropriately) act on such an invitation.

    At 14 yrs. a child is not old enough to consent to sex, therefore it is a crime, and that my dear is the Law.

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    ORC Ann. §2901.13 - Prosecution for sexual offenses within twenty years after the offense is committed.

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    Do not know but go get a lawyer.

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