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The Dark Tower: The movie?

Anyone a big fan of Stephen King? One of my favorite series is the "Dark Tower" series (7 books).

i have heard they would like to make a movie out of at least "The Gunslinger" but their havign problems figuring it out.

Would you go see it?

Would you rather they do a series of tv movies for it? 7 movies in theatres? or break the 7 down (shortened) into one large movie?


you must not have seen "The Green Mile" that was a oscar winner (sadely monkeys voted for American Beauty).

or a few others of his.

Needfull things.

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    I also love Stephen King and the Dark Tower, so I really don't want them destroying another one of his novels (in this case, series) by converting it to film. There was just such an incredible amount of detail, even the shorter novels would probably be lacking in film, and the longer ones really would. Of course, if they did make it a movie, I would have to see it and no doubt end up disapointed. Pretty pressimistic response, I'm afraid.

  • Sandie
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    There were some excellent movies based on Stephen Kings books/stories (Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, Misery). However, there were a lot more REALLY bad Stephen King movies...Hearts in Atlantis, Delores Claiborne, Pet Semetary, Cujo, Lawnmower Man, Maximum Overdrive...the list goes on... I would not want to see them butcher the Dark Tower series.

  • Anonymous
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    That would be a great series of movies. I think that is the only way to do them justice would be to do them all seperately. But most of King's books don't carry over very well to the big or small screen. I think that The Stand might have been the exception to that.

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    If Frank Darabont did it, make a film, otherwise make a TV series like with The Stand that was great

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