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What happens if I leave flowers out in the sun?

I wanna suprise this girl I wanna go out with, so on Valentine's Day I wanna leave her some flowers on her car's windshield, but they're gonna be there for four hours. The weather here (FL) is about 60 or 70 F in the afternoon. or is there something I can put on top to protect them from the sun or wind or whatever?

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    they should be ok because flowers do grow in the sun. so they shouldnt wilt or anything just make sure the stems are in something moist so they stay alive

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    My boyfriend drove 30 miles at 2 o'clock in the morning to put a single long stem red rose under my windshield wiper. I found the rose on my way to work and I felt good all day. I thought it was the most romantic thing. Perhaps you could deliver the flowers early and avoid the sun. It worked for him!

    If you can't do that just ask the florist to put a water bag on the stems to keep them moist. If you ask for lillies and gerberas or some other hardy flowers and not roses or anything delicate they should be ok.

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