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When will Ford Motor Company sell a Hybrid Car that will compete with Honda and Toyota?

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    Ford has been selling a hybrid SUV since 2004. you can read a review at The link is below.

    The problem with Ford, GM and Daimler is that they didn't view hybrids as marketing expenses, but rather as vehicles that were suppose to make money.

    Toyota and Honda have grabbed the hybrid high-ground by essentially using their heavily subsidized hybrids as rolling billboards. "Look at me, I'm saving the Planet!" I command technological innovation, says the Japanese hybrids.

    Not true, but it doesn't have to be true to be right.

    The US car companies should have looked at hybrids as marketing tools, not cars.

    This is not my idea, it is Bob Lutz' idea; head of vehicle design at GM, formerly at Chrysler, a retired Marine pilot and a hell of a guy.

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    Ford already does, the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Hybrid.

    Hybrid is mostly hype. Toyota is the only manufacturer that is still all out on hybrid technology. All other manufacturers are selling clean diesels this year or next year to close the gap until hydrogen or ethanol is fully operational.

    The Prius is the only hybrid still selling although at severely reduced rates. The hybrid versions of the Accord, Lexus GS, and Highlander are not selling like the manufacturers expected. Honda has changed strategy to go with a diesel powered Accord and Ridgeline.

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    They already sell it as the Escape Hybrid...

    And it in a way can't compete with the Toyota because the underlying parts are mostly Toyota design (Ford licenses Hybrid technology from Toyota)

    Right now, most hybrids are small vehicles which Ford is currently trying their best to play catch up so I'd say wait a few years and see...

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    Hybrids will only sell so much. They have a few more hybrid plans on the horizon. Diesels from europe duratorq engines will be arriving in 1-2 years time.

    But what no one has is an engine that VW had in a concept. It had direct injection, VCT, and a supercharger and turbo. The supercharger provided power in the begining and towards higher rpm/speed the turbo kicked in and the supercharger shut off. All in a 1.5L inline 4. How did it do? Just over 60mpg. Literally. Why? Gas believe it or not can out tech diesels, its just we don't got that tech being used yet.

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    Hybrid just for marketing or a fad? You're kidding, right?

    How is capturing lost energy that can be used to assist vehicle movement just a fad?

    Think about it - even devices that don't require a battery change still use energy storage devices, like winding flashlights or kinetic watches. A hybrid vehicle is the same concept, using such things as brake heat to store energy for later use... sounds like a fad to you?

    As batteries improve, as energy capture improves, as economy-of-scale improves, cost will go down, efficiency up, and you are looking at hybrids eventually dominating the entire auto industry.

    The fact that guys like Bob Lutz still doesn't get it (or got it too late) shows that GM and likewise Ford are increasingly in a precarious position, but hybrid powertrains aren't the only thing they lacked foresight on. Hope for Ford - there are rumors that Ford and Toyota are considering some type of merger or partnership (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em).

    * Woody W.

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    the american automakers can't afford to widely produce hybrids right now. Toyota loses money with every Prius they sell. The big 3 simply can't afford to lose that much money. I think hybrid cars are a fad...they will go away once people have to start paying for those $6,000 batteries like that other person said.

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    I do not think they will for a very long time. Hybrid technology does not pay for itself - once owners start buying $6000 batteries every two years - people will dump them for good. The hybrid engine on a straightaway rarely gets more than 45MPG. The MPG you see comes from start and stoping. Very few people drive stop and go all the time.

    I think they are smart by not selling a hybrid car. I think if they were smart - they'd start selling more diesel engines. That is where it is.

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    Never Ford Sucks

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    never, ford lacks the technology to compete with toyota or honda, the escape hybrid is a piece of crap

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    Why would they want to???? It's not like there is a big market out there for hybrid cars.

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