Pet friendly lawn care program?

We use a lawn care company to look after our front yard and it looks great, but our backyard has never been treated before and it looks like garbage. We want to start treating the back yard too but we have two dogs and we are worried about which lawn care program we can choose that will not harm them. Any suggestions would be great!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The key to a healthy lawn is being consistent. You want to make sure it is getting water and nutrients evenly. Most people follow the holidays for fertilizer like Easter, Mem. day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. I have a black lab (my only child!) and I have found quite a few organic lawn products. I tend to stick with Milorganite for my fertilizer, Sluggo for my garden slug problems and lots of water and fresh seed to try and keep the lawn thick to cut down on weeds. I also use Roundup on the edge of the property to keep a lot of the weeds from coming in from my neighbors. Round up doesn't leave any residue in the soil and is safe once it is dried. Keep the dog inside whenever you are doing any kind of fertilizing...curiosity makes him want to sniff and taste it. Remove the temptation.

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    ask your lawn care company...they will have a safe product to use....i also have dogs and my yard is treated every 2 months....the dogs are fine.....mainly you just have to wait till the yard is dry...

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