Whats so wrong with the confederate flag?


Some people take it the wrong way and think its racist but they really need to look in history books and all that because it represents the South!!

Update 2:

yeah and I know some of yall want to make it a point to say the south lost ..yeah we did but hell why not show our heritage proudly!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 3:

Well also I do have another point to make there were also black confederate soldiers so why in the world would blacks make such a big deal out of it if anyone doesnt believe me they need to go visit www.dixieoutfitters.com and look around because there are shirts and stuff up there specifically fo blacks with pictures of black confederate soldiers on them holding the confederate flag!!!

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    Nothing is actually wrong with the confederate flag if you do your research on it, but a lot of people associate it with slavery and racism (partly because the KKK made to be a symbol of racism).

    Source(s): Oh.. and I'm from NC too. :D
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    The South lost the war, so I suppose the suppression by disapproval is part of the concept of "to the winner go the spoils." It is Southern heritage, but it is also a flashpoint for controversial issues, i.e., slavery, which I believe was not the reason for the war in the first place. Northerners owned slaves too; however, it is a barbaric practice that is best left in the past. To many people, the Confederate flag equals a tacit condoning of slavery and racial inequality. To others, it equals the concept of States' Rights, i.e., the 10th Amendment, which was a more pressing reason for the secession of southern states and eventual war.

    I guess an American flying the Confederate flag would be somewhat like a German flying a Nazi flag--it is a reminder of bad times for a country and, for folks like me sittin' here in Tennessee, an explicit reminder of the War Between the States itself, rather than the entire history of the southern states of the US.

    P.S. In searching for more information, I found a book listing from Harvard Press about the Confederate flag and what it means to different people: http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/COSCON.html?sho... . It sounds like good reading. Thought you might be interested!

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    It is the flag that the Confederate States of America used in the American Civil War. The Southern states (that eventually seceded) relied on slave labor.

    I believe that the KKK used the Confederate flag for their propaganda, and, as I'm sure you know, they support white supremacy.

    The flag has become a symbol of hatred and offensive for some people. But I understand that some people use it for Southern Pride and not for hatred.

    Check out the Wikipedia article for more information on the flag's history.

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    To some people it represents oppression and slavery.

    To others it represents freedom.

    I cannot think of another icon that can have such diametric definitions.

    TO sxycountrygirl19 SINCE YOU ADDED NEW DETAILS:

    You are right about blacks fighting for the south in the Civil War. I was watching on History Channel that in one of the POW camps in the north, they executed all captured black soldiers.

    Also, did you know that there were black slave owners. I am not talking about those who were free and bought slaves to free them. There were black slaves owners who were just as cruel as some white slave owners. That is a part of slave history not many people know about.

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    To me it is a piece of history. Yes, that part of history envolved a lot of controversy and Blacks see it as a symbol of hatered, etc. The flag itself is only a piece of printed material.

    There is not a flag in this world that is wrong...It is the meaning of and behind the way it is used that would be wrong.

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    There is nothing wrong with the confederate flag. Too many people associate the flag with slavery but that is not what the confederate flag stood for.

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    Not a damn thing. That used to be my old highschool's flag, but one black girl complained and made an issue out of it. So then, with everybody trying to be politically correct and not offend anyone, they did away with it. The funny thing was, that girl and her mother were not even legally in our district. But God forbid we offend anyone. That flag doesn't even represent slavery, like the blacks think it does. It just represents the states that were in the Confederacy.

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    Nothing really but here's an update! Civil War is over. South lost!

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    Not a thing!

    It serves as a reminder that the South lost!

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    Isn't that what the used to hang slaves with?

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