how & what to draw as ERD & DFD for Finance Module of ERP?

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    each and every reason LTA is going to grant would be to enhance on the line site visitors flow by using increasing greater ERP gantry. now and lower back i'm quite pissed off approximately all this. the answer from LTA for street congestion will continually be develop ERP gantry or develop ERP costs. Is there any further valuable decision different then this? besides the reality that i'm no longer a motive force in spite of the undeniable fact that it style of feels to me that LTA might desire to come out with a greater valuable plan quite then this. if that's the case anybody can only sit down in the place of work by using only imposing ERP develop whilst this situation upward thrust up lower back. by using placing greater gantry and develop ERP costs, is it a answer in the long-term? to enhance by using encouraging human beings to take public transport what are the measures executed?Did LTA executed a physically powerful interest in recuperating site visitors flow? All this could be in peoples ideas. Public transport in Singapore is definately greater valuable you will discover in everywhere else yet i've got faith that it could improve added so as that greater human beings would be motivate to take public transport. so some distance I even have considered progression in the bus transport interest. SMRT has additionally been powerful by using introducing the lunch time rush of waiting time only 3.5 minutes only. i've got faith that's what the human beings in Singapore desires to establish. New action being taken quite then save using the comparable previous approach by using only develop the value, that's ERP.

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