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Any information on Tenerife in the Canary Islands? I am thinking of traveling in September.?

I have Delta dollars I can use and a free resort for a week. I do not have to go the Canary Islands but I am looking at it for an option. I am not having alot of luck finding information online. Is there alot to do there? I am a novice traveller and have never been outside North America before.Thanks

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    Be careful of landing and taking off. The largest loss of life in a plane accident happened in Tenerife. Other than that I know they have beautiful beaches and freindly faces. Speak spanish there if I remember correctly.

    Try and make it to Sierra Leone, W. Africa.(not far from tenerife) Ask for Mammy Yoko Hotel. Use my handle (name) a have a great time! go to Tokeh too...ask for Sube le magnifique. great guy. good lobster and crab too.

    Source(s): been there...both places
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    The Canary Islands are known if you are the sun center of Europe! See that sunshine with hotelbye . Canary Islands give you a moderate conditions and a range of outstanding natural attractions. Five of its seven islands have been reported a Biosphere Reserve, and the archipelago has four national parks. The absolute most remarkable attractions in Canary Islands would be the beaches since they're only ideal for calming in sunlight or experiencing water sports such as for instance windsurfing and scuba diving. In Canary Islands you is likewise impressing by the inside appeal like: climbing, routine touring, climbing and also caving. Some of the most spectacular attractions of Canary Islands are: the volcanic scenery of Lanzarote, the beaches of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria using their mud dunes, or the green forests of La Palma and La Gomera.

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