How do i become an insurance agent?

Is it hard to pass the test? Would i be able to make decent money?

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    I had no trouble passing the test - but I had insurance experience. People who take it cold, probably have a 50% pass ratio, the first time, depending on how hard they study.

    Money all depends on how hard you work it - it's straight commission most of the time! But the sales guys are the ones who make the big bucks. IF you're willing to put in 80 hour weeks and make the calls, and pound the sidewalk, it's conceivable (but not likely) to make six figures your first year.

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    the easiest way is to get on with an agency and have them pay for your classes and state test. I passed the test the first time i took it, but a lot of people end up taking it more than once. the more you can learn before taking it, the better you'll be. the money depends on you. are you opening your own agency or working for someone else? most places will pay you on experience and then some places also give you commission.

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    Get hired by an agency and they will pay for your testing and training. You can make very good money but it is a relationship type of business. If you are great at sales and relationships with your clients you will make money. If not, you will be looking for another occupation.

    For most the test is not that difficult. Although when I was taking my life and health test there was a guy that was taking his for the third time. Just make sure you study

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    get hired first-- then study and take the test. Most companies will send you for training to take the test. The $$ are up to you and your sales ability

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    Don't do it.

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