how do you make paper mache?

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    I like the recipes that MaryJane & the other posted , but here are some books on it as well as some websites as well as my favorite recipe from the net:


    1 cup cold water

    1 cup flour

    2 1/2 cups boiling water

    1 T. powdered alum

    3/4 tsp. oil of wintergreen

    Mix the cold water and flour together, stirring until smooth.

    Add the boiling water and mix well. Pour the mixture into the top of a double boiler.

    Cook over low heat until smooth. Add the alum and stir.

    Remove from heat. When the mixture is cool, add the oil of wintergreen.

    Here's some website for it :

    Here some books on it that you can pick up at any bookstore or library:

    Papier Mache

    by Deri Robins

    Papel Mache

    by Juliet Bawden, Diane James, Juliet Bawden, Jon Barnes (Photographer), Diane James

    Paper Crafts: 50 Extraordinary Gifts and Projects, Step by Step

    by Gillian Souter, Gillian Souter

    Creating with Papier-Mache

    by Victoria Seix, Victoria Seix, Victoria Seix

    Papier Mache: An Introduction to the Art of Modeling in Paper

    by Peter Rush

    The Papier Mache

    by Ray Gibson, Cheryl Evans (Editor), Fiona Watt (Editor)

    Papercraft: Paper-Making and Paper-Mache

    by Lynette Silver

    Paper Mache

    by Dorling Kindersley Publishing

    Dollmaking with Papier MâChé and Paper Clay

    by Doris Rockwell Rockwell Gottilly

    Contemporary Craft of Paper Mache: Techniques - Projects - Inspirations

    by Helga Meyer, Carol Taylor (Editor)

    Paper and Fabric Mache: 100 Imaginative and Ingeneous Projects to Make

    by Dawn Cusick

    Paper Mache

    by Miranda Innes - An execellent book on the subject

    Papier Mache Fun

    by Irene Lassus, Marie-Anne Voituriez


    by Renee F. Schwarz, Renee F. Schwarz (Illustrator)

    The Complete Book of Papercrafts: 26 Step-by-Step Projects to Make from Paper

    by Susan Penny, Martin Penny (Editor), Martin Penny

    Fanciful Paper Projects: Making Your Own Posh Little Follies

    by Sandra Evertson

    Arnold Grummer's Complete Guide to Paper Casting

    by Arnold Grummer, Mabel Grummer

    Paper Mache

    by Alex

    125 Papercrafts Projects: Step-by-Step Papier Mache, Decoupage, Paper Cutting, Collage, Decorative Effects and Paper Construction

    by Lucy Painter (Editor)

    Papier Mache

    by Judy Balchin

    Papier-Mache (Let's Create! Series)

    by Dorothy L. Gibbs (Editor), Parramon's Editorial Team Staff (Photographer)

    Crafts from Papier-Mache

    by Violaine Lamerand

    The Michaels Book of Paper Crafts

    by Lark Books, Megan Kirby (Editor), Lark Books (Manufactured by)

    Papier-Mache for Kids

    by Sheila McGraw

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    Google search brought this information up.

    P a p e r M a c h e R e c i p e s

    The things you can make with paper mache are only limited by your imagination. As paper mache dries, it hardens over the mold you have made. You can make puppet heads, Christmas ornaments, piñatas, dolls, dollhouses, boxes, sculptures or bowls. The final dried product can be painted, decoupaged or decorated however you please.

    Make a form from wire, wadded newspaper, stuffed paper bags, or balloons. For a flat piece, such as a dollhouse or box, you can use a piece of cardboard. Tear newspaper into strips. Narrower strips work best for a rounded mold and larger strips are good for flat or rectangular shapes. Choose one of the following recipes to make the paste. Dip strips into paste, coating completely, squeezing out excess paste with your fingers. Use the strips to cover your pre-made form. If you overlap the strips, your finished product will look smoother. Allow each layer to dry before adding another layer. Cover your form with at least 2 layers.

    Paper Mache Paste





    Non-rusting container


    Soak papers in water in container. Reduce to pulp by tearing and stirring with spoon. Drain. Mix in thick paste of flour, water, and a little salt. Stir until paper mache begins to feel like clay. Use as clay. It will squish through wire forms. There will be some shrinking as mache dries.

    Paper Mache Paste

    1/2 cup flour

    2 cups cold water

    2 cups boiling water

    3 tbsp. sugar


    Mix together the flour and cold water in a bowl. Add boiling water to this mixture, and return to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in the sugar. The mixture will thicken as it cools.

    In humid climates, try powdered non-pourous wall paper adhesive mixed with water.

    Paper Mache Paste



    1 1/2 cups wheat paste (from a craft store)

    Mix together the wheat paste and water in a bowl. The mixture will thicken as it cools.

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    this is how i make it:

    1 part flour to 2 parts water (add salt to keep from molding...i use a couple/few tablespoons of salt)

    my favorite paper mache project is pinatas!!...they are fun to make and totally an inexpensive craft....i made a really cool skull pinata (inspired by dia de los muertos)...i used a balloon as the form with some cardboard to make the jaw....

    have fun!!

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    I like using strips of newspaper that I drag through liquid starch. (The kind you'd use for your clothing.) Messy (like all paper mache), but simple, no mixing a recipe necessary.

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    glue and water. mix then dunk in news paper thats bewen ripped in to strips

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    Just layer your mold with newspaper and glue. When layers have dried, remove from mold

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    flour, water and paste...the old school way.

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