why dont you declare the HOLOCAUST as a total fraud?

There were 100s of Millions of people killed in the past during wars and occupations. Why was only the killings of Jews taken into account? Are not other peoples in the world are human beings?

There is no other way than any responsible human being denying the Holocaust as a Myth. Why dont you now... unless you are an EVIL...?

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    So, you wish to dismiss the Holocaust as a hoax?

    Want to know what kind of people do this? White Supremacists. You might be more comfortable at such a site as the Stormfronters. You would fit in very nicely with them. And... that is NOT a compliment.

    I guess you can label me as EVIL because I happened to study the Holocaust out of my own interest and I KNOW it was real.

    Now, history does tend to dismiss that other than Jews were killed. I take issue with that. There is no real estimate of the Gyspies (Rromani) who were killed because they were not, for the most part, even recorded in the books. The vast majority of Rromani could not write and were either recorded with a checkmark or not recorded at all.. The recorded guestimate is 500,000 but the more accurate estimate is well, and I mean well, over a million. Some guess as high as 5 million.

    Gays, political dissidents, the mentally handicapped and anyone the Reich wanted out of the way also went.

    The Holocaust was a mass excercise in genocide. You cannot compare it to any other war because of the scale and the method. These people were non-combatants, they were not involved in any part of any war. The Jews and the Gypsies were extinguished based soley upon ethnicity. There was no other reason for their deaths.

    One of the things that was particularly atrocious was the method of death. Go read about the medical "experiments" in Theory and Practice of Hell (I provided a link to where you can get a copy). Did you know that Mengele actually had a special "Gypsy Family Camp" in Auschwitz? This was not a good thing. They were specifically used for "medical experiments".

    Have you ever heard that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it? Look around little girl. It IS happening again, although not on the same scale as the Holocaust.

    I defy you, little girl, to find some pictures from the Holocaust and look into the eyes of those people who looked like walking skeletons or look at the piles of emaciated corpses and not feel something. If you do not, I call YOU evil. If you dispute these exist, email me. I can provide quite a few sites with them.

    Before you spew this stupidity and make yourself look like a complete idiot, you might want to do some reading. I am including links to a few good places to start.

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    What is "responsible" about denying the Holocaust & attempting to sweep the greatest Evil the world has ever seen under the carpet ? Denial is what leads to the rise of other evils Sadam... Osama.... and other trash that should have been terminated just after conception. No one would deny that hundreds of thousands of peasant villages - Indian & Thai where worked to death by the Japanese building the Burma Railway, not just Australian, English and Dutch POW'S, but some tragic events (War Crimes) are captured by a Nation who's soldiers suffered so as to protect the memory of their sacrifice. It becomes "sacred" and defines a Nation so that it may never be allowed to happen again !

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    People who are capable of actual objective research and "following the money" can easily see what the holocaust industry is all about. There is a lot of good data stored here to back up what you are saying:


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    Because it wasn't. Neither were the killings of thousands of people during the Russian revolution, the genocide in several African countries, the killing of thousands in China for opposing the communist regime, the killing of the Kurds by Saddam in Iraq, I could go on and on. I don't take only the killing of jews by the Nazis into account because they didn't kill just jews. they killed gypsies, the mentally impaired, the physically impaired. Mans inhumanity to man never ceases to amaze and horrify me. Denying the holocaust is foolish. It happened and for anyone to deny that shows me that they are evil and have their head in the sand.

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    However, the OTHER 100s of millions of people were not killed in ONE single war, and the others were killed by and large in battles...not by being gathered up en masse, put in concentration camps, and either murdered in cold blood or allowed to die as a result of starvation, harsh conditions, beating, disease, etc. I hope YOU are not evil, but I suspect the people feeding you these lies are.

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    Your opinion and history are totally different: That is why

    we have history and you should try and study it.

    Evil by the way is when one thinks of themself as being

    right and everyone else wrong.

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    It's not the only thing taken into account, everything is taken into account. Get off of your drugs or see a psychiatrist, boy.

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    So Schindler made up that list for nothing???

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    only they went up the chimney

  • 1 decade ago

    Put down the crack pipe......and get a pen and paper...

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