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塗擦 0.5% 醋酸水, 醋酸或離子能否穿入皮膚內?

塗擦 0.5% 醋酸水, 醋酸或離子能否穿入皮膚內?

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    I am not so sure. However, to my opinion, the acetic acid or its ions will not diffuse in due to the skin will stop its diffusion. If the acetic acid can diffuse into the skin, how about other salts? The consequence will be very serious. How about if you put your hand into the salt water, teh sodium ions will diffuse into your skin and it can seriously jeopardize your electrolyte level. So, I don't think it is likely to happen that acetic acid or its ions diffuse into the body through skin.

    However, the acetic acid may stay in your skin and make your skin like vinegar.

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