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"美國 MUSIC &名牌" 一問!!

請問 係一月尾至二月中期間,美國有咩NEW cd albums會推出?! (請列明)

仲有係洛杉磯 買邊一d 名牌會比香港較便宜呢?!

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    for new cd albums, you can check on yahoo! music juke box. and there will have more information of the cd albums. and you can find out your favorite singer

    if you would like to come los angeles, and buy the famous brand. here are some choices


    Abercrombie & Fitch


    ~~there are more cheaper than hong kong


    Victoria Secret

    ~~a famous brand in usa, and no selling in hong kong


    Coach is the best choice

    * if you go to some outlets, there will be some cheaper stuff too.

    (LV - Europe is more cheaper)

    Outlet choice:

    Burberry, calvin kevin, kenneth and cole...

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    sorry I dont know much about CD, but maybe these brands will be helpful to you:

    Handbags: Coach

    Skincare: Burt's bee, Kiehl's

    Clothing: The North Face (they are having sales from now until Feb 11 and it's 20%-40% off and they have stores in CA)

    Source(s): myself
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