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Is any one know - Why is positioning important in marketing ?


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    Simply, positioning is how your target market defines you in relation to your competitors.

    A good position is:

    1. What makes you unique

    2. This is considered a benefit by your target market

    Both of these conditions are necessary for a good positioning. So what if you are the only red-haired singer who only knows how to play a G minor chord? Does your target market consider this a good thing?

    Positioning is important because you are competing with all the noise out there competing for your potential fans attention. If you can stand out with a unique benefit, you have a chance at getting their attention.

    It is important to understand your product from the customers point of view relative to the competition.












    簡單o的講, marketing positioning會係您成間公司運作前最先要確定o既事, 因為, position會足以影響您之後資源投放o既多少, 做幾多marketing, o係邊度做, sales投放又係幾多等等... 例如您係買牙膏, 但您定左您個牙膏係要o係對手入面最名貴o既, 因為您O的產品有o的好特別O既用料... 咁您個價錢就會同對手鬥平, 廣告個image就唔會咁CHEAP, sales outley 會係 CITY SUPER, 馬莎等等, 一切都係依住您個position去做... 定錯左, 例如您支牙膏根本冇得別, 但走左去定個名貴位置, 咁, 就會成個市場計劃錯晒... 可以話, positioning 係成個市場計劃o既源點...

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    我係讀marketing的, 亦係做marketing的...

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    Product positioning is an important strategy for achieving differential advantage. Positioning reflects the "place" a product occupies in a market or segment. A successful position has characteristics that are both differentiating and important to consumers.

    Every product has some sort of position — whether intended or not. Positions are based upon consumer perceptions, which may or may not reflect reality. A position is effectively built by communicating a consistent message to consumers about the product and where it fits into the market — through advertising, brand name, and packaging.

    Positioning is inextricably linked with market segmentation. You can’t define a good position until you have divided the market into unique segments and selected your target segments. Three key research issues must be addressed:

    Source(s): Business Textbooks
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