I need ideas for my daughter's 8th birthday party?

This is my daughter's 1st home-party, and I am clueless what to do with these girls! There will be 4-8 girls who are 7/8 yrs old. Besides food, movies, and twister..what are some other party ideas??

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    there is always the random story game, where you start it off and it keeps going around in a circle each girl adds a little bit too the story and it can either take a couple of minutes or a couple of hours for them to finish playing this game.

    also you could ask them what games they would like to play?

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    If your daughter is anything like mine, she acts more mature than her age. All little girls like make-overs. Get some of the kid safe make-up, it washes easily and isn't hard on the skin. Let them all do their make-up and hair, no matter what they look like when they are done, they will think they look amazing. Plus, if she does a horrible job that is a perfect picture to save for future reference. The whole make-over can take over an hour. I did this for my 8 year old and everyone loved it. I printed out the pictures and had them each make a scrapbook of the party for their own party prize. The mom's also loved this when the kids went home. Hope this helps, and good luck with your sanity that night.

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    It is sooo much fun to make a theme for a party. Every little girl wants to be a princess. You could make a princess theme and have all her little friends over to dress up with her, you could buy those little make-up kits for little girls you can find in the toy section,(great party favor idea too), feathery boas, and other such theme related items at a party store and have a HUGE tea party! Watch princess related movies like cinderella, The Princess Diaries, while their playing dress-up. And the guest of honor is YOUR little princess. Im sure you can think of a fun creative beverage for them to drink,like sherbert punch, or even just tea, in their teacups(that also gives you a gift idea, get her a brand new tea party set.) and have cake instead of crumpets. It would be a blast and a party her and her friends will never forget. What little girl doesnt want to play dress up. You already know how many are coming over, so you know how many boas, plastic high heels , tiaras, skirts, etc. to buy , or make, or dig out of your closet! Have fun! Happy Birthday princess!

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    You can have then do a simple craft that they can take home. This takes up quit a bit of time and they will love it. You can get inexpensive kits which all the makings of the craft at Walmart and Michaels for example. Also you can have a tea party. Have the girls dress up in large dress up clothes and hats and such. They can bring there own or get some inexpensive dress up dresses at a thrift store for a few dollars. They will love it.

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    That sounds like a lot of noisy fun for you!

    You could have a dress up party and let the girls all dress up and put on play makeup then take a group photo.

    You could get some craft stuff from the store and let them make something.

    You could serve ice cream, and let them choose toppings, like candy, sprinkles, caramel, and cookies.

    You could have a scavenger hunt around your house, and give the girls clues to find different things, whoever finds all the things on the list could get something special.

    You could (if it isn't too cold outside) set up a tent outside and let them play a game, or tell stories.

    Well. I am out of ideas. Hope one of them helps.

    Have fun

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    musical bop (last one down when the music is off is out)

    pin the tail on the donkey

    paint nails.

    spray hair colour

    chocolate game (block of chocolate whoever rolls a 6 on a die picks up knife and fork and cuts the chocolate. Can eat what is cut off but only gets as long as it takes the next girl to roll a 6, they keep rolling die while girl cuts chocolate)

    make cupcakes let girls decorate with icing and place out lollies (m&ms, sprinkles, all small ones)

    do same with biscuits(cookies)

    sack races

    running races


    musical chairs

    make their own pizza. (make some dough give individual bits to roll out and then put on table sauce, cheese, ham etc. Put on greaseproof paper with their name and cook in oven, each child gets the pizza the way they like it)


    celebrety heads (stick name of famous person on head, child has to guess who "they" are by asking questions)

    pass the parcel (toy wrapped in centre of paper, one layer per child (toy/chocolate between each layer if you want so all children get something) when music stops the child holding parcel takes off one layer)

    If it is hot where you are...water ballons. All kids love these. Just ask guests to send a change of clothes if they want

    and as they are 8..just put on music and let them amuse themselves for a while

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    always plan for "dress-up" try getting plastic costume jewelry (clip-on earrings, necklaces, rings...ect.) also let them get disposable cameras and let them take their own pictures...if they want to have something like a pic to remember it...well then, i guess u did a good job

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    keep it simple..parents spend too much time and money trying to please the guests and forget the birthday girls the one to please

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