Becoming a Real Estate Agent.....?

I would love to become a real estate agent. I seem to have a passion for evaluating real estate, amoung other things concerning the industry.

How much, on average, does a real estate agent make in a year. Can you be a real estate agent and have a middle to upper middle class lifestyle (while providing for your family)?

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    Real estate can be an interesting and rewarding career - but it takes someone who is self-motivated and disciplined to succeed. On the other hand, you essentially set your own hours and the more you put into it - the more you can get out of it.

    The average real estate salesperson, according to data that is a few years old now, makes less than $30K a year. Why? Because in real estate, even though you work with a Broker, you are responsible for whether you succeed or fail. Many people think it's easy money - but it takes work to build a referral network and some business savvy to effectively market and distinguish yourself from the thousands of other agents in the market. Those who find their niche and hit their stride by contrast, can easily make six figure incomes. The discipline comes in with regard to tax planning and self-imposing a work schedule when there's no clock to punch.

    Best bet is to take an agent or two to lunch and talk one on one about their perspective on the business - then attend a career night that most any decent sized company will have once or twice a month to recruit. It takes a certain kind of person to be successful in real estate over a long period of time and you just might be that type!

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    Estate Agents are the first stop for anyone looking to buy a new home or let a flat or house. Many commercial estate agents also offer homes for rent as well but there are also dedicated letting agents. Some estate agents are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors , the principal body for UK property professionals, dealing with both residential, commercial and agricultural property. Members, known as "Chartered Surveyors", are elected based on examination and are required to adhere to a code of conduct, which includes regulations about looking after their clients' money and professional indemnity insurance in case of error or negligence.

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    To become real estate agent you should above 18 and must passed exam for approved license..It's too good to start a career in real estate .Become an real estate agent must have fully knowledge and have good contacts with experienced agents.

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    Embarking on a real estate career is an exciting adventure. Becoming a real estate agent requires state licensure. Although states vary with basic requirements, most states have a uniform requirement of being 18 years of age and completing a specific amount of training in order to be eligible to take the state real estate license examination. On average, a minimum of 75 hours of class training is required.

    There are multiple venues that offer pre-licensure real estate courses. Real estate agent training is offered at accredited real estate schools, universities and online real estate schools. The average cost for real estate agent pre-licensure programs is approximately $500. Leading realty firms like Prudential and Coldwell Banker also have their own real estate schools. Common topics for pre-licensure real estate courses include:License law and regulations

    The contract of sales and leases

    Valuation process and pricing properties

    Real estate mathematics

    Legal Issues

    Human rights and fair housing

    Taxes and assessments

    Condominiums and cooperatives

    Land use regulations

    The law of agency

    Commercial and investment properties

    Client broker relationship

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    I think the must need to become a real estate agent is that you need to be an adult and have to attain a license for which you have to clear a written exam. In that manner you will be able to be a good real estate agent.

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    Become a Real Estate Agent is not difficult. But you have to do hard work and take a suggestions from expert and engage your self as much as you get the knowledge about the work how to invest and where to invest.

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    i agree with njc. however, you state that you have the knack for evaluating real estate. does that mean you tend to be able to guess right at prices? maybe you'd also look into being an appraiser if the answer is yes.

    it took me working about 10 hours a day for 7 days a week (you certainly are not in your office all the time) for at least 2 years to begin to understand how to build my clientelle and also, what elements are necessary for fair and honest dealing. i was fortunate in that i am just not a liar by nature.

    you should not sit down with brokers that will try to talk you into the business: they all do. they live from part of the commissions you engender with each deal. you should try to find agents that will tell you about their experiences, pros and cons, as they learned the business. the business of being a real estate agent only amounts to one thing, which is SERVICE. but a lot of different elements go into service.

    maybe you can call your local university to see if it has classes for the real estate industry. if so, ask if they have books about what one has to do, under law, to be an agent. then, add a truly personal touch to all of that. if a buyer calls your office when you are leaving at 9 p.m. and wants to ask you a hundred questions about how to get a mortgage, then you would probably end up getting home pretty late, but you'd probably get the buyer as your client.

    this is a business that you either love or leave. if you cannot work around having a family with having a job fraught with phone calls all day and night (don't be like i was a long time ago: don't give your clients your home phone number), and a lot of stress just in case you've put out weeks working to help some buyer and then he doesn't call you back because he really (though you advised him not to do this without you) walked into an open house and purchased it using the listing agent (bad idea for anyone), therefore, cutting off expected income, then it is not for you.

    you also really need to know this about who you are: are you thick skinned? if not, it will be hard for you to take rejection. trying to get a listing puts you into the arena of multiple rejections. brokers tell you all the time to list, list, list, and not to work much with buyers, and i know why they say that, but i don't necessarily agree with them. certain people really ARE better working with buyers, but you really need to get them to sign on with you (which costs them nothing most of the time). i guess you have to sell yourself. and then you have to be in the business for a while before you understand what you do in order to be able to sell yourself effectively.

    it is a very hard and stressful business, so please choose wisely. if it's for you, you do not know how much luck i am sending to you!

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    It's good to join real estate business.

    But for that you need to do lot of home work. It takes time and efforts.

    So be ready for work and start working with some experienced persons.

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    For becoming real estate agent you should be above 18 and you must pass pre licensing exam. For more detail you can visit

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    from what I have been told, it is very very hard work and you are on call every day. the money is very good though. you can become very rich and provide an upper class lifestyle to your family.

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