so, today during health class i was told that if you are eating as much as you are supposed to and still not getting energy, or sleeping the normal 7-8 hours of sleep every day, or even beyond that, and are still extremely tired during the day and have to take naps, you might have leukemia. i dont really know what leukemia is, and i havent looked it up, but i have both of these very badly. i also constantly feel sick. i have never felt 100% good in years, really. not ONE day (no exaggeration). so do you think i might have leukemia? i have not been to a doctor for about 4 years so i have no memory or information about any of this.

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    hopefully you dont have leukemia. here's the news!! i do. i was detected with acute tlymphoblastic leukemia last year. my symptoms were that of anemia. easy fatigability, pale, on and off fever. then i had my blood count checked and the doctor said it was anemia so i took iron drugs. but the symptoms were still present and i was getting worse. i was being given blood transfusion almost weekly. so i went to a hematologist (they are specialists in blood disorders and theyre rare) and the moment they saw my blood results the doctor said i had leukemia. there are two main kind the lymphoblastic and myelocytic. the lymphoblastic gives very high count of lymphoblast and vice versa. during the sickness i had so many petechiae (tiny purplish red spots) all over my skin. the doctor said this was caused by release of blood from the capillaries to the surface of the body. i underwent bone marrow aspiration to determine how sick i was and to know what medication treatment is possible. bone marrow transplant is the best treatment but i cant afford it so i underwent chemotherapy wherein there is a schedule of intravenous therapy where the drugs are incorporatedand introduced to the bodythrough the vein. i also take daily oral meds. treatment takes a long time and still there is a risk of repeating itself and getting worse even if you are being treated. the brain is the worst arget of the disease. there is no assurance of being cured until after 5 years or more says the doctor.

    so i hope youre just anemic and not leukemic. coz anemia is easy to treat just give iron tablets, get many rests and do not be stressed. but leukemia is very hard and costly. especially if your white blood cells have gone wild.

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    get a simple blood test that will tell you, leukemia is cancer of the blood and if you do have it take emu oil gel caps three times a day , that is the cure. one should always consult their doctor before trying new products.

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