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Blood count?

I have high white blood count - 24 and low red count. I am not pregnant. I am tired all the time and the doctors cant give me a clear answer. I am suppose to have my blood drawn again in 2 weeks. Does anyone know if this combination is bad.... or what might be the cause.

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    A high white blood count usually indicates that your body is fighting an infection, the bad thing about the blood test is that it can't tell you exactly where the infection is. Ask your doctor to give you a mono spot which is a test that test for mononucleosis which used to be called the "kissing disease" 'cause people used to catch it a lot by kissing someone who had it. But it's not really called like that anymore because many people have gotten it from drinking from the same cup of someone who has it and also many people have gotten it from water fountains.

    I got it once and I was really tired, I mean exhausted all the time. There were moments that I would feel dizzy or lightheaded and one of the worst symptoms that I would get was a cold sweat. I mean I would sweat profusely doing nothing just sitting watching t.v. and my head would start sweating and the sweat would run down to my face and I would feel sweat trickling, behind my knees, under my breast..... from all over my body and at the same time I would be cold. I went to my doctor and she did a mono spot and it came out positive. The bad thing about that is that 1. it's contagious 2. there is no medicine for it, it a viral infection and you must let it run it's course. 3. It can last a long time, when I had it it took four months to go away.

    But you could be fighting a totally different infection. Good luck

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