Why do women test their men?

I was sitting in my office when I receive a phone call from my gf's best friend. While talking she tells me that she has a photo of herself while she was taking a bath. She then asks me if I wanted it e-mailed to me. Now before I go on I have to add that while the conversation is going on that I'm busy at work. So nonchalantly I told her "Sure".

Well 30 minutes later I get a phone call from my gf and she's fuming angry that I have a photo of her friend taking a bath. I hadnt even looked at the photo yet and already I'm kicked to the curb. I hate to say it but it sure looked like I was being put to the test. Geez I had no intention of wanting anything with this friend. She called me. Yes...Yes..I know it sounds bad but I've never cheated on a girl in my life.

My question...Why do so many girls test their Men like this?

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    she is a lousy friend /slash /or your girlfriend put her up to it because she is so damn insecure, do you need this? dump her,how else did she find out so soon.

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    Are you sure your gf knew her friend was calling you? If your gf did it on purpose to test you, I think it's a very childish and stupid thing to do. But you should have been smart enough not to fall for that one. She was your gf's friend! There was no way your gf wasn't going to find out. Just tell her no!!!

    On the other hand, I think it's very possible that your gf didn't know before, and the so called "friend" did it on her own and then called her to let her know.

    That's a thing some girls do. It's stupid, but it's kind of a competitive behavior among women, I'm afraid. They do it out of envy or jealousy. Maybe the "friend" likes you or she just doesn't have a boyfriend and is jealous because her friend does.

    She just wanted to make you both fight, and she is not a good friend, of course.

    Ask your gf. I think there's a very good chance that it was the friend. Who would send a picture of herself taking a bath to her friend's bf??? Come on!

    Also, do not take more calls from her if you want to keep your relationship.

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    1 decade ago

    I really don't know either, and I am a girl! I think it has something to do with insecurities, like they want to see if you are loyal, and will be there forever, and ever amen, without even glancing at another woman. Perhaps they just do it to reassure themselves they are the only one? I'm not sure, but I have a good feeling it has something to do with that!

    Insecurity + Not thinking things through = doing really stupid things!


    hope it helps?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not all girls do this, i never ever would anyway... if u trust a guy enough to go out with him, then u have to trust what he does when hes not around u.......

    but she might have felt insecure about how u treat her compared to other girls....

    have u also ever thought that yur gf's best friend is trying to get u two to break up? that maybe she told your gf that u asked for a picture of her? and that after she gave it to u, she told your gf her version of the story?

    Source(s): JUST A GUESS.... NO EXPERIENCE! =P
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    It's not a matter of being "so many", it's a trust deal. She may not feel like she can trust you, and wanted to see for sure. Oh and one little question for you. Why are you capsing men and not women? And how come you can't understand why your gf would be mad if you have a pic of another woman in the BATHTUB huh?

  • zen522
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    1 decade ago

    It's the nature of some.

    They are insecure and they think they need to do these things.

    All they wind up doing is losing what the don't want to lose.

    Sit down and talk to her and tell her the truth.

    Source(s): I believe in talking and being straight forward You only lose if you don't take the chance.
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    she was looking for a way out. This way she can go on with her life thinking you were the bad guy. This way she doesn't have to deal with her own insecurities. Your better off with out a woman like that. Keep your head up high. We are not all like that.

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    It doesn't sound as if you deliberately did anything wrong. If you have never done anything to make your girlfriend not trust you, then it seems just childish and immature for her to recruit the friend to *F* with you while at work.

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    Because so many guys(not saying your one of them) cheat on their gf and wifes and it is really hard to trust a guy now a days! Good Luck

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    Because they feel they need to know how much you love them, maybe that is a hint that you need to show her more affection and tell her how much you love her. I dont buy your story either, you mean to tell me that had you not been busted, you wouldnt have looked at that picture? Yeah right...

  • Aija
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    1 decade ago

    I remember when I just started my relationship with my bf like 4 years ago I used to test him... althou I never tested him in that way like trying to make it seem he was cheating or being not respectful to me... I guess i tested him because I wanted to know how he felt for me I wanted to know what things he was willing to do for me and that sor of stuff... until he got mad at me and said he loves me and I can stop testing him :P ... I admit it was wrong of me to do those things...

    anyways maybe your girlfrien wants to know you care for her and your relationship and you wont cheat...

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