was melissa gilbert really adopted?

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    Yes, she really is adopted - but it didn't say at what age.

    Melissa Gilbert was born in Los Angeles, California, to a Jewish family. She was adopted by actor Paul Gilbert (born Paul MacMahon) and his wife, Barbara Crane. Her younger brother, Jonathan Gilbert (a New York stock broker), was also adopted.

    also adopted.

    Melissa and Jonathan worked together when he portrayed Willie Oleson in Little House on the Prairie and in the movie The Miracle Worker. When Melissa was eight, her parents divorced, and when she was 11, her adoptive father died. Her adoptive mother married Harold Abeles and gave birth in 1975 to Sara Abeles, who became an actress. In 1984 Sara Abeles changed her name to Sara Gilbert. Sara would later star in the American television series Roseanne.

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