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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenMaintenance & Repairs · 1 decade ago

My Moen kitchen sinle handle faucet to hangs up a little when opening or closing it is ther a gasket wearing?

is it about to fail any advice would be appreciated

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    Moen faucets are the easiest to fix. Go to a home improvement or plumbing supply store and get a 1225 cartridge, and a small thing of plumbers grease. Shut off the water at the stops under the sink. Remove the handle. Pull out the copper hoseshoe style clip. Pull the old cartridge out. There is usually a small tool included with the new cartridge to loosen up the old one. put it over the stem and push it in till it goes in place. turn it around to loosen up the cartridge. remove the tool and pull the old cartridge out. Lube the o rings slightly with the plumbers grease, and slide it into the faucet body with the moen symbol to the left. Insert the clip and reinstall the handle. turn the water bck on and it dhould be good as new!

    Source(s): all phase construction plumber
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    Single lever faucets have a shaft that rotates to control the temperature of the water and slides up and down to turn the water on and off. The shaft has two 'O' rings that keep the water from leaking. These 'O' rings slide in the faucet cylinder and the inside of the cylinder needs lubricating. You can get the lubricant at any store that sells Moen faucets.

    You will first have to turn off the hot and cold water feeds under the sink. Next take apart the faucet and remove the center part. Apply the lubricant above and below the two 'O' rings.

    Put it all back together and the problem should be gone

  • 1 decade ago

    Chances are the handle stem needs lubricating....take off the handle using a screwdriver or allen wrench and lubricate it with a special "gel" that you can purchase at Home Depot etc.. Do not use WD 40 or the like, it may cause damage to the rubber seals inside.

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