What Boston univeristy should I attend?

I moved here last year for my work, but I am going to school in the fall to finish my bachelor's. I am close to finishing my bachelor's in either political science or finance. I am married, and the combined salaries of my spouse and I might allow for a good amount of financial aid. So... what school should I go to? I am eyeing Northeastern and Suffolk. What other schools (besides heavyweights Harvard, MIT, Brandeis, and Tufts) should I look into? I need them to be in the Boston/Cambridge area, not in the surrounding areas (such as Waltham, Sudbury, etc.) - in other words, I need to get there by public transportation. Thanks!

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    BC and Brandeis aren't very easy to get into, but yes, Boston University is more competive. Brandeis is in Waltham, so that's not really going to work for you, anyway. BC is right on the green line, so that might be a good choice.

    Too bad about the commuting situation, because I think Bentley or Babson would be good choices. Babson, especially, is a strong school for finance. I'm not sure what the commuter rail situation is for Babson.

    You probably want to go to a school that will accept as many of your transfer credits as possible, as well as one with a decent reputation with employers.

    Some good schools that might fit the bill, and which are on the T or bus, and which you haven't already listed, and which employers tend to respect, are:

    UMass Boston

    Boston University

    Boston College

    Wheelock College

    From your list, I like Northeastern over Suffolk. I also honestly recommend that you look at UMass Boston and, if you have the grades for it, BU.

    And don't discount such heavyweights as Harvard, MIT and Tufts. Such schools sometimes offer additional assistance to "older" students who are looking to complete their degrees. If one of those schools is what you want, it's worth a phone call. Harvard wouldn't accept you as a full time student - you're too far into your program - but they do have an extension school. It's not as respected as Harvard College, but it may be an additional option for you.

    If you are female, also consider Simmons College.

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  • Matt
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    Is Chestnut Hill in that area? I know that Boston College is a very easy school to get into. Brandeis is also very easy, but Boston U. is a little harder. Good luck.

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  • riddle
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    Wow, great pastime so a techniques. you fairly have a risk at any of those universities. i could especially advise George Washington or Georgetown--the politics courses they have at those colleges are superb. Your grades and your extracurriculars are o.k. balanced and that i will completely relate to the full politics/chief at school factor (comparable is going for me!) i for my section decide to bypass to Georgetown to boot, whether it is complicated to get into so which you paintings truly complicated to get into that school and you need to because of the fact which you probably did the full marketing campaign factor. stable luck, and doubtless i will see you interior the White homestead sometime.

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