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would anybody inform the benefits agency if they new a family was claiming and both partners are working?

im a single working mom have never been on benefits, i now a couple who are claiming and working they have 5 kids. its never really botherd me but yesterday i phoned the bf of the two as he was taking my car in for a mot for me i have had to cancel the mot because i wont have the money for it till next week. they where both in the pub boozing when i put the phone down i started thinkin this aint fair i cant even afford to put my car in for it mot let alone spend the day in the pub i cant remember the last time i could afford to go out! they spend most of there spare time in the local pub using tax payers money. also the woman was claiming for the family at one point but when the goverment wanted her to go to to work she stopped claiming and got her bf to claim instead to save her going to work!

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    YES, WHY, I hear you ask, BECAUSE I am on benifits and think its WRONG, they are not entitled to benifit why should they get it. So stop thinking about it just do it NOW.

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    Too right I would. They sound like a couple of lazy scumbags. There are enough scroungers in this country, both foreign and domestic. I've paid my way for over 30yrs and it p****s me off that people think that they can screw the system. They're sitting there, laughing at the rest of us who live an honest life and think that we're the mugs. Maybe the worm should turn! It's fraud, which comes under the Theft Act. After all, by claiming, they are stealing money that isn't due to them. Your money. My money. You don't have to give your name or other details. So do the right thing and tell the D.S.S. They haven't got a thought for you, so why should you have a thought for them?

    You may still not be able to go to the pub, or put your car back on the road but you may go to sleep feeling a bit better inside knowing that 2 thieves have been caught.

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    I have a similar predicament. Just haven't had the time to contact the benefits agency. Me and husband work full time and support two kids. We don't have social lives, nice clothes or holiday abroad like most people. A neighbour has a long term partner living with her, he works full time and she has a teenage son who also works. I know she is on full benefit cause I used to work for her landlord and know for a fact that the benefits agency paid all her rent. You need to shop them if only for peace of mind. Do it soon.

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    DO IT!! It's people like that that keep people who really need the help from getting all that they need. It's just WRONG. And it is surly teaching their next generation of children how to "GET BY" and "GET OVER". You can call anonymously and no one will be the wiser. Why should you suffer, doing the best you can, while someone else is having a good old time on your tax dollars. Do it honey. Go straight to the phone and call it in. It's called righteous indignation. Use it.

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    Yes I would do it but be prepared for them not to do anything about it. I know all the adverts on TV saying you get an interview etc but I have reported people before and nothing has been done. I know someone who has a house on benifits but rents this out privately and lives with his girlfriend. I am trying to get a house and they keep telling me that there are none available!!!!

    You will need all the details ie names including surnames, addresses and places of work.

    Do it is the only way that people who need the help will be able to get it.

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    Do it absolutely!!!!!!!!!!! Just make sure they wont find out it was you so you wont get any hassle.

    They are criminals, and i agree its not fair, we have a big family and don't claim any thing but the people who don't work and are claiming seem to be better off some times!!

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    It really makes you wild doesn't it?Report them by all means but be absolutely certain of your facts before you do .Things are not always as they seem.The authorities are obviously aware of them as a couple and I can't understand why transferring her boyfriend should preclude her from working.You are condoning them to an extent by being friends with them and using him to get your M.O.T.Your friendship will never be the same.This will also mean the persons who are employing them will be investigated along with their other employees.---not necessarily a bad thing.The whole town might be involved by the time the've finished!

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    Do it..! That is terrible, although I do believe that this government encourages people not to work with all of the tax increases they introduce.

    It s not fair when people want to work and they cant go out and enjoy themselves as they have their bills to pay etc..

    What this family are doing is not right and it should be stopped..!

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    Personally I'd drop them in it ,if they can work they don't need hand outs,I'm in the same situation as you my husband works full time and me part time we don't go out and drink to busy trying to keep a roof over our heads and feed and clothe our kids ,you can phone the government hot line and you don't need to leave any of your details just tell them the families details.

  • mark
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    You can and should grass them up. Remember, this isn't an anonymous government department they are stealing from, it's tax payers like you and me. Everyone should do their best to ensure that benefit cheats are brought to justice and made to pay for their scandalous ways.

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