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Two Questions about "Middle Name"s

1. Suppose I am a British, and my name was "Donald David Duncan".My first name would be "Donald"; my last name would be "Duncan"; and my Middle Name would be "David"But I am a Chinese, if my name was "Mary Tin Mei (TM) CHAN", my first name would be "Mary", and my Last Name would be "CHAN".But do I have a MIDDLE name? If yes, would it be "TinMei"?


2. People usually call friends by their first names. Teachers may call you by your last name. But are MIDDLE NAMEs used alone? If not, what are the uses of them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are Chinese, than your last name would be first, followed by your Chinese name then your English name, unless you don't want to ( like me ) I don't use my CHinese name at all. Therefore your name would be CHAN TIN MEI MARY.

    As for the British, people usually call friends by their first names unless told otherwise. Some people do get called by their middle names too cos sometimes its less confusing.

    Reason is that in some families ( especially the rich ) and would name their kids after them or grandparents ie King Henry the Eighth, Prince William the Third, etc......

    The Brits like to name their kids after people they love and respect. Some people could have above 5 or more middle names. I have a friend who has 15 middle names.

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  • angel
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    1 decade ago


    我個仔身份証喺﹕chan, tai man john

    去咗加拿大讀中學,返嚟d文件中的名字喺﹕john tai man chan ,有d 就喺john tai chan,後來讀大學就叫佢記得叫人寫john tai man chan;因為john tai chan香港有排解釋。


    d同學、老師除咗會叫佢john,仲會叫佢tai,冇人理佢tai man 或man,覺得叫佢tai好啱。

    我個名﹕lee yau fan,我無改英文名,d外國朋友佢地就叫我fan lee。

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  • 1 decade ago

    In your case, you wouldn't have a middle name. Mary would be your English name, Chan would be your surname, and Tin Mei would be your Chinese name.

    In the West, a middle name is considered as a "second given name". It is used to distinguish him/her name from someone else’s. Sometimes the middle initial is used instead of the middle name. A good example is: Former US President George Bush and his son, the current US President, people call him George W. Bush (George Walker Bush).

    Middle names could be used alone. (Often used by close family members, and friends) In fact many famous people are often known by their middle names, instead of their first names. Example: The famous James Bond actor Sean Connery, his birth name is Thomas Sean Connery.

    2007-01-31 07:27:37 補充:

    It is not uncommon for a person to have no middle name. Take myself as an example, I have been living in Sydney for almost 17yrs without a middle name.

    2007-01-31 07:28:14 補充:

    I have omitted my Chinses name, and I only have my English name (as the first name), and my Chinese Surname on my Australian Passport and Driver's License, and that is still acceptable by the local people. So I guess at the end it is really up to yourself, whether you want a middle name or not.

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  • 1 decade ago

    首先中國人係只得Given Names 或者係,外國人所謂既First name,你個名係 Tin Mei,英文名係 Mary。所以如果你無英文名,你可以講你叫做:Mei or Tin Mei,好少人會叫自已做 Tin。除非你平時人地叫你Tin 啦!嚴格講,中國人無 First or Second Names 之分。

    另外,好多人都介紹自已既 First Name 或者 Ms /Mr + Sure Name。Middle Name 好多時都會係跟爸爸既。好似中國人跟族譜甘,好似:許冠文,許冠傑咁,比個例子你:爸爸叫 Jon David Colliot, 個仔叫: Simon David Colliot。當然個姓吾會變,就只有個First Name變。希望幫到你。

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