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    Thank You For Interview I

    Dear (Bosss Name),

    I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you yesterday about the position of (job title) with (Company Name).

    I really enjoyed meeting with members of the office and learning about the job. The entire team certainly seem to be highly skilled and motivated and the work itself seems as rewarding as it is challenging. From our discussion,I gained a strong sense of (Company Name)s commitment to their clients and their employees. I also enjoyed our discussion of my opportunities and future within the firm.

    I feel strongly that I possess the qualities required as a (job title). I believe my education and experiences have prepared me well for a future with you. I eagerly anticipate our next meeting. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.



    Thank You For Interview II

    Dear (Bosss Name),

    Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. The interview confirmed what others have told me - that (Company Name) would be a terrific place for someone with my skills and interests.

    I am convinced that I could make an impact and add value as a (job title) in your department. As we reviewed my background, I hope that you came to a similar conclusion. It was indeed a pleasure to discuss the opportunities with you. I thank you again for the opportunity and look forward to our next interaction.

    Again, you can reach me (when) (Call time) at (telephone), or you may leave a message on my answering machine, and I will return your call promptly.



    http://www.tiansou.net/Html/Y_CYFW/R_CYSX/F_GXX/20... 感謝東感謝西的, 對你應有用, 參考看看吧

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    Subject: Thank you for the interview

    Dear Mr./Ms....,

    Thank you very much for the interview yesterday....

    1. 不可以用appreciate.那是只未發生前的感謝.

    2. 將你們談話重點複述一次.

    3. 你觀察到公司的特性(不要亂掰)

    4. 你很希望有機會去擔任那職務.

    5. 簡潔明瞭就好.不是作文比賽.

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