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A businessman visiting Hebei nerby ran accross a heavy ice storm.

He chose the field as his shelter.

There was a voice said, "This is Chang Puliang's field. No harm done here."

The businessman thought to himself that who the guy with the first name of Chang is?

Why protect him since he is not good?

Then the storm was gone and the businessman walked into the village to find out the man.

There was really a man with that name.

So the businessman told people what he had seen and heard a moment ago and asked the meanings of that name.


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Once there was a businessman on a trip to hebei


Once upon of the time, there was a businessman on a trip to the Hebei Province around.




why would he be blessed能寫作why should he be blessed?




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    Once there was a businessman on a trip to hebei (不是hobei) and he came across a hailstorm, therefore he choose to hide from it by going into a paddy field. He then heard a voice which said, "This is Chang Puliang's paddy field; do not damage his dowry." The businessman thought to himself, "Who is this Chang person? If his name is Pulang, why would he be blessed?" Then, the hailstorm stopped, and the man walked into the nearby village searching for this Chang person. To his surprise, this person really existed, so he told the villiagers what he experienced during the hailstorm and seek for the true defination of this name.

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    1. 用once upon a time當然可以, 既然是故事這樣的開頭很適合.

    there was a businessman on a trip to the Hebei Province around

    應該用 there was a businessman whom went ont a trip to hebei

    不建議用 Hebei Province around因為既然他要去某個地方 (on a trip to) 就不會去某個地方的一帶吧? 而且 on a trip 包括了到達某個地方的"途中", 跟直接 went to不一樣, went to就是去了某個地方而已的意思

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    還以為稻田是他的嫁妝 哈哈



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    3.Why would he be blessed 和 Why should he be blessed

    都可以, 用should會導致句子的語氣更強勢, 就像是覺得這樣很不公平, 為什麼他會被保佑!? 的意思


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    4.要用英文的話, 建議把名稱直接英文化

    因為外國人看不懂puliang是什麼意思, 他們不懂中文

    而且名字出奇百化, 沒有所謂的對或錯

    比如說, 第一句提及到名字改為:

    This is Chang Nagoo's paddy field, do not harm his crops


    Who is this Chang person? If is name is <No good>, why would/should he be blessed?

    所以姓張的本名是Nagood, 聽者錯聽成no good



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    ice storm hail

    A businessman came across a heavy hail in HOBEI.

    He took shelter in a field

    A voice came to him, saying "This is Chang Puliang's field. Do not harm anything here.

    The man wondered that who's Mr. Chang that I met ?

    Then since the storm got away, he stepped into the village finding out the man.

    Indeed, the man with that name is there.

    And so he put it in detail what he saw and heard. Finally, he enquired of some local residents whom he met about what this name stands for.


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