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請問英文: ”呼之即來 揮之即去” 怎說?

請問英文: "呼之即來 揮之即去" 要怎說?

請問英文: "呼之即來 揮之即去" 要怎說?

請問英文: "呼之即來 揮之即去" 要怎說?

請問英文: "呼之即來 揮之即去" 要怎說?



Kaven always answers to her demand and dispoal.


Kaven is always willingly at her diposal to fullfill her demands and order.


Update 2:


Kaven is always at her disposal and willing to fulfil her demands and orders.

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    "呼之即來, 揮之即去"

    含意是: "隨時可用, 也隨時可以打發走"


    John is not a person you can summon and dismiss at will.

    summon: 召喚;傳喚

    dismiss: 讓...離開;把...打發走

    at will: 任意;隨心所欲地


    John is not a person available and dismissible all the time.

    available: 有空的; 可用的

    dismissible: 可打發走的

    all the time: always


    John is not a person readily available and dismissible.

    readily: 無困難地,容易地

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    at someone's beck and call, 比較接近"完全受...支配"

    dance attendance on someone: "隨侍在側" 的意思, 似乎並未傳遞"揮之即去" 的輕蔑意味.

    2007-01-30 15:56:21 補充: Your Beck and Call

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    "summon and dismiss at will" 的實際用例:

    2007-02-03 10:45:15 補充: "summon and dismiss at will"&hl=zh-TW&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=tw

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    Shout that is come easy to drive out

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    Hi Guys,

    中文"呼之即來 揮之即去",英語也可譯為

    " Come as I whistle, leave as I wave."

    whistle= 吹氣,呼氣, 吹口哨

    wave= 揮手

    Angelfire from New York

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    我覺得是:Shout it namely to flick it namely.

    呼之即來 揮之即去。

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    to be at sb.'s beck and call

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    呼之即來 揮之即去 = Come at someone's call The ones that wave go promptly

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