What are the top 5 reasons supporting the fact that 9/11 was an inside job?

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    1 decade ago
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    1. Know one outside of those invoved knows.

    2. Know one outside of those invoved knows.

    3. Know one outside of those invoved knows.

    4. Know one outside of those invoved knows.

    5. Know one outside of those invoved knows.

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    1.) The tiny explosions when the builiding went down. This is done at demolitions.

    2.) The government had the Bin Ladens flown out of state before 9/11

    3.) There was government paperwork before 9/11 showing the world trade center as a terrorist target.

    4.) If you folded the 20 dollar bill, it would show the attacks five years prior http://www.clydelewis.com/twenty.html This was when Clinton was still in office. If you held the 20 as a paperplane, it would look like the stealth bomber. If you look at the sides of the folded plane, it showed American Airlines and the other side United. It's creepy.

    5.) The government was using Bill Clinton as a scapegoat and using the Lewinsky case as a distraction, as they made plans of the 9/11 inside job.

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    1 decade ago

    Here are just a few of the reasons I believe 9/11 was an inside job, primarily masterminded by Dick Cheney with the complicity of George W. Bush. I have ordered them with most important first. This is just a summary. I explore these points in detail later with backup.

    No steel frame buildings had ever before in history collapsed either from fires or planes hitting them. They are designed to withstand those hazards. On 9/11 three of them fell, and fell perfectly straight down. Why do you think demolition experts spend weeks planting charges and timing the explosions with

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    1. The last-minute insurance upgrade by WTC developer Larry Silverstein before the attacks.

    2. The symmetric smoke patterns just visible below the collapse debris in real-time as the towers are falling.

    3. The witness reports of the booming below ground level at the site.

    4. The delay in NORAD/FAA/Air Force response to hijacked planes.

    5. The massive shorting of airline stocks that made those who deliberately bet against the markets on 9/10, become rich.

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  • kelsoe
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    3 years ago

    a million. No development of that length had ever been taken down by skill of a plane crash. 2. there have been alot comments of folk listening to explosions and filmed squibs 3. Tower 7 fell into its very own footprint yet wasn't struck by skill of any plane. 4. each and all the towers fell at modern-day down as a exchange of falling to the realm. 5. Outer partitions fell inwards and onto their very own footprint without rubble pile. 6. Molten steel flowed like lava in the basement area. 7. Jet gas and workplace fires no longer adequate warmth to soften the middle shape. 8. Bone fragments on precise of homes around the line. 9. Fireman on video count extensive form-down the demolition of BLD.7 action picture of a classic ripple sequence. 10. Thermite residue a explosive gadget grew to become into modern-day in lab examined airborne dirt and mud samples. 11. The spiral cloud and the pyroclastic bypass of unfavorable potential. 12. The loose fall velocity with a recorded gravity without resistance.

  • Chase
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    1 decade ago

    9/11, an inside job? What is wrong with you people? There was a show on the History Channel not long ago about this whole conspiracy crap. They interviewed people who had been there and got out, and also specialists. If you people actually believe this, you probably have a screw loose.

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    1 decade ago

    paranoia, love of conspiracy theory, lack of information, mistruths spun as "facts", etc.

    I would really like to know why the American government didn't do anything to prevent 9/11, why they didn't acknowledge the possibility of New York getting attacked, and why they didn't prepare for it by supporting Rudy Giuliani.


    Why were the bin Ladens flown back to Saudi Arabia without being detained and questioned?

    Why didn't they work with the Saudi Arabian government to get access to the top-secret training sites for this?

    Why wasn't the leader of the C.I.A. questioned? Why didn't they look into their possible ineptitude?

    Why didn't they go for a military intervention in Afghanistan that simply focused on sending in ground troops and helicopters, working with international intelligence agencies, to track down their leaders in the hills? Why didn't they try diplomacy, negotiations and offers of aid first? Why didn't they ask Pakistan to intervene?

  • Jack
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    1 decade ago

    5. The Pilgrims came and killed all the American Indians.

    4. Our national anthem is highly militaristic.

    3. People talk WAY too much about God in the USA.

    2. George Bush mispronounces "nuclear."

    and the number one reason we know that 9/11 was an inside job:

    1. Condoleeza Rice is single and has no children.

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    The theories of a inside job for 9/11 is akind to the mental reaction and/or dilusions of people hurt by a close friend of family member (in denial), and that hurt been soooo bad that they can NOT believe it to be real, so they go in denial and/or blame something or someone else for it.

    Same thing here.

    "It has to be our fault" because if it isn't it means that there are really bad people out there that want to kill us, and they are NOT going to go away, and we have a long hard fight ahead.


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    I have looked at alot and I mean alot of 'evidence' on this.

    While I admit there are some suspicious circumstances..

    But as to the building and all the videos and everything.. well until I see some structural engineers, metallurgists, demolitions experts etc.. showing me unquestionable evidence I just can't take it all on the words of evangelists and college professors who don't have degrees or expertise in these areas and bloggers.

  • 1 decade ago

    If anyone can explain why brotherJebBush replaced the incumbant in Florida who died and later signed Martial-Law into effect on 9-07-01 I could change my suspicions.

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