What's happening to America?

What's happening to America?


This is one of my answers to someone else's question. It should help in revealing where I stand.

Bringing home our troops will not end this war. America's biggest problem is not terrorism. America's biggest problem is itself. We are slowly destroying our country from the inside out. The terrorist and oil prices (not to mention the North American Union, immigration, etc.) are simply a distraction from all of our other problems. I support our troops! I support our president, even though I don't agree with all of his choices. I do believe he is sincere in his efforts to solve our problems, but he is just one man. He is not perfect. Our country has lost sight of what is right and just and true. We will probably never resemble our original colors and we will probably be a distant memory in the world's future. The Middle East is part of a bigger picture. Israel is the center of that story, not America. Israel will be the last one standing.

Update 2:

By the way, I am one of the King's kids.

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    I am a Christian and I really feel like it is going to keep getting worse until the Lord returns and then one day it will be better. I pray that you are saved and that you know you are going to Heaven...take care and God Bless... :)

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    Read "Culture Warrior" it explains exactly what is happening to America, why and by whom! You will not be able to put it down!

    It is a revelation and the perfect response to your question, truly!

    16 weeks on The N.Y.Times Best Seller list and that Liberal rag HAS NEVER interviewed it's author, Bill Reilly...what blatant Far Left Wing ACLU Adoring Hyper-Liberal Hypocrites!

    Take heart, Hanoi Jane Fonda, John Kerry and Sean Penn and their likes do NOT speak for the vast majority of Traditionalists who love America and their ranting only serves to alienate more and more of moderate Democrats.

    So it will be John McCain for President and Rudy Giuliani as VP

    the only logical choice in '08. Courtesy of the raving Liberals and the Oprah endorsed orgasms for the 2 year wonder Osama Obama Hussein Baraca!

    The Dems rave about this guy and all he has two years in public political life and Public service!!! Hellooooo ???

    The GOP should thank these S-Ps for all the help!

    And what about Hillary "Lightening Rod" Clinton and her "Lets Chat" ads ugh makes me want to wretch! Just ask Dee Dee Myers or George Stephenolpois or Dick Morris who Hillary really is !!!! And you'll see the hilarity in the pure hypocrisy of Hillary and her "lets chat" rap !!!

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    Honestly, slowly America is entering its doom. Especially with the new law that will be set in use as if July 1st, 2014. In a matter if a year or two, US currency will be as worthless as a used paper bag. The only thing to do now us Tobit as much foreclosure as possible, get ready and hope for the best. Good luck!

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    One of the respondents mentioned that America is a young nation. I believe that is very true (only China is younger among nations of similar stature, but with a much deeper cultural base) and I think we are experiencing growing pains.

    The very promising news is that America's Constitution allows her to be very much a self-monitoring, self-directing, and self-correcting nation.

    Lately, America has been a little "Type A," but we are taking steps to moderate that.

    America is experiencing growing pains.

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    America has turned its back on God and has left Him out of everything. We are a very wealthy Nation. God's word says,

    "Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight." We think we are bigger than God and that will get us in third place no longer first. This Country has always had God to direct us, but He is no longer ask to direct, because the leaders think they are bigger than God!

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    1 decade ago

    We are a young country and I fear we won't be around for very long if we continue in our present direction and pace. It's a sad state of affairs in this country, in the world. It's prophecy and it's being fulfilled before our eyes.

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    1 decade ago

    Whats happingf to America?

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    people know that bad times are ahead of us.World War three is going to happen & people are scared.People who take life for granted are going to change they're minds real quik.Don't worry though, there's still hope.His name is Jesus.

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    even if troops come home there will b **** goin down on tha streets street violence and wars will never be over

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    We could be here all night! Well Bush is incharge does that tell you anything.

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