Which is easier in todays world getting married or getting divorced?

I want to see answers on this and input... What is your answer and why do you feel that one is easier then the other? I personally feel that divorce is getting and is way to easy of an option now.... Marriage should be sacred and kept and divorce should not be an easy option... Looking forward to everyone's input and answers!

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    It' easy to get married and even easier to get a divorce these days.

    It seems a lot of people think it's just a piece of paper and don't take their vows seriously. They make their own version of what marriage is about and when they grow tired of it or it gets too hard they cash in (divorce) and move on to someone else.

    I have been married for eighteen years and throughout the years the first half was the most difficult (married young) and the most stressful. To date, the struggle we had to endured is what makes us strong today, the rewards have been great and many lessons learned.

    I believe a lot of married couples nowadays just don't know how to fight or don't want to bother with it (it's just too hard and there's others). To have something worthwhile you have to work hard and fight for it ( together) when you succeed only then will you know how sweet it really is.

    Divorce is acceptable in many circumstances but for the majority, being incompatible is just laziness and makes us all wonder why they married in the first place. These are the people that give the gift of marriage, a bad name.

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    Getting married is easy, getting the divorce is hard. Depending on the state divorce can take forever. I had to be separated 6 months before I could even file for divorce...that was a year ago, still not divorced. Marriage should be sacred, but sometimes unthinkable thinks happen and you can''t stay in the marriage. But to get married, go to the court house, pay $15-25 wait the time required by the state, see the judge or your preacher and your done. Hundreds of dollars later, still trying to get divorced.

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    Divorce is not easy! It is hard to make the decision to divorce, hard to know what steps you need to take, hard to know how you'll survive on your own. Nothing about divorce is easy. It was way too easy for me to make the mistake of getting married, even though I knew it was a mistake at the time. It's nice to think that marriage is sacred and it should be difficult to get a divorce, but trust me, it IS difficult. It's expensive, it's heart-wrenching, and you should only do it if you're CERTAIN the marriage is over. But then, you should only marry if you're CERTAIN it's the right thing for you.

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    I totally feel you....

    I think getting married is very easy. My best friend's ex husband has been married 8 times. Of course he keeps getting divorces just as much, but divorces cost more money that it would to get married. They'll let anyone get married now a days.... Marriage should be sacred and something you do to show your dying love of someone. Marriage seems like a novelty anymore. Not as much as it is for having babies though... but that's another Yahoo Question.

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    I would have to say divorce because getting married was so easy because I love my husband very much. If I got a divorce from him, it would tear my world apart. I agree with you that people don't take marriage seriously enough and divorce is often the easy way out!

    Source(s): 16 years and holding forever!
  • It's always easier getting married, because we can all decieve ourselves into the utopia that we think marriage is, but even in a bad marriage, divorce can still create a sense of loss; because of this, divorce is always going to be a difficult thing.

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    It seems to me that it's easier to get married than divorced. I've always heard that divorce costs a lot more money. I think that both should be equally difficult. People need to realize what they're getting into. There should be a required class for couples to take or something....seriously.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think our law makers need to draw up a bill not to be so easy to get a divorce and many will think a little different on how each treats there spouse after marriage.

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