Does anyone know the name of the song played at the beginning of the wedding scene in Love Actually when Keira

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    Here is the soundtrack listing:

    **I haven't seen the film, but my guess is "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys, as it is a beautiful song that has been remade many times and is played often at weddings**

    "Christmas Is All Around"


    Performed by Bill Nighy

    "All You Need Is Love"

    (Lennon / McCartney)

    Performed by Lynden David Hall

    "Take Me As I Am"

    (Jean / Duplessis / Dawes)

    Performed by Wyclef Jean featuring Sharissa

    "Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)"

    (Crew / Gaudio)

    Performed by Bay City Rollers

    "Puppy Love"


    Performed by S Club Juniors

    "Sweetest Goodbye"

    (Levine / Carmichael / Dusick / Valentini / Madden)

    Performed by Maroon 5

    "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

    (Carey / Afanasieff)

    Arranged by Flood

    Performed by Tessa Niles

    "I'll See It Through"

    (McElhone / Spiteri / Chambers)

    Performed by Texas



    Performed by Joni Mitchell

    "Jump (For My Love)"

    (Skardina / Mitchell / Sharron)

    Performed by The Pointer Sisters

    "Here With Me"

    (Gabriel / Statham / Armstrong)

    Performed by Dido



    From the Original Motion Picture Score "Titanic (1997)"

    "Too Lost In You"


    Performed by Sugababes

    "Like I Love You"

    (Williams / Hugo / T Thornton / G Thornton / Timberlake)

    Performed by Justin Timberlake

    "Turn Me On"


    Performed by Norah Jones



    Performed by Eva Cassidy

    "All Alone On Christmas"

    (Van Zandt)

    Performed by Darlene Love


    (Thomas / Shur)

    Performed by Santana featuring Rob Thomas

    "Wherever You Will Go"

    (Kamin / Band)

    Performed by The Calling

    "Both Sides Now"


    Performed by Joni Mitchell

    "White Christmas"


    Performed by Otis Redding

    "Silent Night"


    Performed by Pre Teens

    "Good King Wenceslas"


    Performed by Hugh Grant and Andrew Tinkler

    "Catch A Falling Star"

    (Lee Pockriss/Paul Vance)

    Performed by Cast

    "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

    (Carey / Afanasieff)

    Performed by Olivia Olson

    "God Only Knows"

    (Asher / Wilson)

    Performed by The Beach Boys

    "The Trouble With Love Is"

    (Rogers / Sturken / Clarkson)

    Performed by Kelly Clarkson

    "Jump (For My Love)"

    (Skardina / Mitchell / Sharron)

    Performed by Girls Aloud

    Source(s): The soundtrack is available, and includes most of the songs (you can also listen to parts of the tracks):
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    Its call All You need is love. I think the real version is by The Beatles. Beautiful song

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