Top ten court cases of all time?

Well, actually after 1860, but unless you count Marbury vs. Madison, there really weren't any ones before 1860, so I declare myself justified ^^ Thanks!

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    Now an answer from a Constitutional Historian:

    Your comment that there were not any significant cases prior to 1860 is wrong. Here are several from that time that are EXTREMELY important. Since you did not ask for an annotated description of each one I will let you look them up to see why they were so important:

    1. John Peter Zenger's case

    2. Marbury v. Madison

    3. McCulloch v. Maryland

    4. Gibbons v. Ogden

    5. Dred Scott v. Sanford

    Now for after 1860 (in no order)

    1. Plessy v. Ferguson

    2. Sullivan v. New York Times

    3. The United States v. Butler

    4. Schechter v. The United States

    5. Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

    6. Gideon v. Wainright

    7. Miranda v. Arizona

    8. Roe v. Wade

    9. Tinker v. Des Moines

    10. Webster v. Human Health Reproductive Services

    And there you ave 15 EXTREMELY important cases. Good luck in your research.

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    In addition to the Miranda decision, Roe Vs. Wade, Brown vs. the Board of Education, you should also include Plessy vs. Ferguson(which was the corner stone of segregation before Brown), The Scopes Monkey Trial, Mapp vs. Ohio(companion to Miranda vis a vis evidence), Miller vs. California(obscenity), Schenck v. United States(some forms of speech are not protected because they present "a clear and present danger" to the nation), the United States vs. Nixon(a president is subject to the same laws as any other person), and Furman vs. Georgia(the death penalty must be applied using a set of definable standards).

    Though if your scope wasn't confined to the 1860+ cases, the Dred Scott case would also be worthy of note.

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    Roe vs. Wade has to be up near the top. Brown vs. board of education of topeka, OJ, Menendez Brothers, Charles Manson, Nuremburg Trials, Rosenbergs, LAPD/Rodney King, OK city trial, Clinton impeachment, Saddam Hussein, Moussaoui Trial, Patty Hearst, Black Sox, Mississippi Burning...

    Before 1860, Boston Massacre Trial, Aaron Burr Conspiracy Trial, Amistad, John Brown.

    Those are the ones that stuck out in my head.

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    The Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee.

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    Ummm. I cant really think of what order to put them in...but some major ones that come to my mind are Michael Jackson, O.J Simpson, Louis Riel, Lizzie Borden, Sam Sheppard trials, Charles Manson, Oklahoma City Unibomber trial, Suddam Hussein, Bill Clinton impeachment trials, and right now there is a major one going on in B.C , Canada...robert pickton...accused of massacring up to 50 women...and chopping them up and burying them on his farm Contender for North America's worst serial killer....oh yeah and the Salem Witch trials of 1600s...

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    I guess in the United States, the Brown vs. Board of Ed case. Hmm...the Miranda case.

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    The case in which Brandice Briefs were given stature by the courts.

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