purple and green to cape cod/beachy style?

i can't get new furniture, so i have to work with what i have. army green chair and a half and ottoman, dark purple sofa, and purple side chair. my tv armoire and console table is dark, almost a mohagany and i plan on painting the walls a taupey color. drapes are a goldish-tan chenille fabric.

any ideas of how to use these pieces to create a cape cod/hamptons look? i'm not sure i can afford slipcovers, but i do want to purchase a new rug.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would paint the walls a creamy ivory. It sounds like the rest of your things are dark colors, and I would want to off-set this with a lighter color. Some taupes tend to look "muddy," and I don't think this is what you want.

    For a cottage-y look, you might try a natural sisal area rug. Add some throw pillows for the sofa. Since your pieces are solids, you can go for a print or stripe, picking up the green and purple shades. You could throw in a few solids in a hue close to your drapes, or use this in your prints/abstract/stripes for the pillows.

    I always think of the Cape Cod look as light colors - blues, whites, creams, yellows, etc. So you may want to work with what you've got and try to create a beachy, casual look. Stack some good-looking books on your coffee table, and top them with a nice big shell. Candles in holders or wall sconces will add ambience and a nice glow to your room.

    It's fine to work with what you have. Few of us can afford to do otherwise. But you can make your room attractive with well-chosen accessories.

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    1 decade ago

    My best suggestion is to go to your library & check out a book or 2 on interior decorating . My favorite book for this is called " Colors for your every mood " by Leatrice Eiseman (ISBN : 1-892123-38-X ) she helps you understand the colors & how they affect you & some on placement. You can also get great books from Home Depot on decorating (ie "Trade Secrets")) to purchase or do as I do - look thru it get the ideas & put book back on shelf.

    The colors you have suggest that you can decorate in "complementary colors" those are colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. You might consider painting the walls cream or a white with hints of green .

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