is it classed as fraud?

i split up with my boyfriend a few months ago and my mate has let me stay with her until i get myself sorted but my ex is making things difficult for me and says his going to grass my friend up to benefits. is she likely to get into trouble even though she wont accept rent from me. i do give her money each week but that only to cover her electric to hep her out


i can understand it if people are living together as a couple but we are 2 woman and friends

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    well what a rat of a boyfriend

    i know when my cousins boyfriend stayed at her house he was allowed to stay 3 nights a week only and that was it, but he stayed more than that but was said so she did not get caught out,if he stayed longer.

    i think in this day and age with the advert for grassin up someone on tv

    just be on the safe side and tell them,and see where you go from there,if it is going to affect her i would not chance it at all.

    even though relatives could just stay for a while and they have no probs

    good luck x

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    Well, it's difficult to say one way or the other in my opinion. It may even be worth your friend approaching the council office and explaining the situation, that you had split up from your partner and needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks whilst you find alternative accomodation.

    Usually if you're upfront with them and, it's only a short term situation, then they will be more understanding and accomodating than if they receive a tip-off that there's someone else living there (which it sounds like your dipstick of an ex is threatening to do)

    I'd say get in there first and explain to the council, then he'd look a proper spoon if he tried to report your friend ;-)

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    Actually emmeline if your friend is on housing benefit she is still allowed a lodger as long as she does not charge more than £20 per week and if you are on benefits to then the social will pay that £20 you will get a visit from them but explain shes finding difficulty paying her bills and took in a lodger to help out as you are both the same sex they wont assume yous are a couple show them your sleeping area tell them the £20 per week covers your utility bills but you buy your own food which is kept in a seperate cupboard, lmao looks like your ex has actually done you a favor

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    The grass may always seem to be greener on the other side, but the grassing up possible, offered and referred to as to your boyfriends solution t help himself, may be better found out about by yourself, then after approaching your flat mate with this idea, possibly collect a receipt from her showing half the amount of rent.

    If she really is a true to life mate, she will comply, besides, no sense in her getting grassed up by anybody, wouldn't you agree?

    I feel in these regards also that noone will be grassed up anyways, so you may decide it best to find someone who may help you in a more honest manner.

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    It wouldn't matter a jot if you are same sex, or even friends. The benefit office look at the information in front of them at the time.

    If your friend is receiving benefits, then yes, you, or more correctly, your friend, would be liable to an interview under caution. Which could then lead to prosecution.

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    I tend to agree with alia sola - if you are not paying rent to your friend, then she is not sub-letting and therefore I cannot see that she is committing an offence by not declaring that you are residing with her. But why not suggest that your friend comes clean with the benefits people, then she can be sure that she is doing the right thing?

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    take no notice of him. you only get one if you were living together as if you were married. she wont get into trouble, he is very childish and you can tell him to go ahead, because there is another person living under her roof, he'd be doing her a favour coz she would be entitled to more housing benefit

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    Ah nightmare, how mean of him! Unless she is subletting it to you and it can be proved (which by the sounds of things would be pretty hard) then she can just say you're a guest. Hope it all works out ok!

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    if they asked questions you can just say ! you are in the middle of movin and stayin for a few days ! its no dif from havin a relitave stay when on hols ! he is just tryin to scare ya !

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    I'm afraid so, what a ratbag ex you have. Looks like you made the right decision about him.

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