In a giant battle royale...?

who would win:

007-James Bond

Freddy Krueger

Happy Gilmore

Wayne Campbell

The Terminator

Indiana Jones

Harry & Lloyd (dumb & dumber)

A velociraptor

Harry Potter




Choose 1st through last place and why


Pick 1st through last i.e.

1st James Bond

2nd Happy Gilmore

3rd Voldemort

and so on

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    If we paired them up, and went by elimination, I can take this through to the winner.

    Freddy Krueger would get James Bond. Bond is great, but I don't think he can really beat the supernatural.

    I see Happy Gilmore winning out of those two, just because he gets pretty YAAAAA!

    Indiana Jones would beat the Terminator. After all, if a normal girl beat the Terminator, surely the whip-cracking hero could.

    Through sheer stupidity, and freak accidents, Harry and Lloyd would beat the velociraptor. Besides, raptors work best in groups. Just one should be rather easy to take down.

    Harry will beat Voldemort because Voldemort has had so many chances to kill Harry and has wimped out at the last minute. He'll surely do so again and Harry will take advantage of it.

    Sauron would beat Jigsaw, because he's got magic, and magic would win.

    Freddy would then beat Happy Gilmore. Supernatural against slightly dumb.

    Indiana Jones would take down Harry and Lloyd, because though they can by stupidity take down a somewhat stupid beast, anyone with an ounce of cleverness could get around that obstacle.

    Harry versus Sauron... Tough to say. I'll say Sauron, because Harry, despite his cleverness, is still just a child, and Sauron's got centuries of experience on his side.

    Now, Indiana Jones has had experience fighting the supernatural. He knows what he's doing. So he could kill Freddy. By that reasoning I think he could also beat Sauron, through sheer force of will and his modern swashbuckling ways.

    Indiana Jones is the winner!

    Okay, okay, 1st through last would probably be...

    1. Indiana Jones.

    2. Sauron.

    3. Freddy.

    4. Harry.

    5. The Terminator.

    6. Voldemort.

    7. James Bond

    8. Jigsaw

    9. Happy Gilmore

    10. Harry and Lloyd

    11. Velociraptor

    12. Wayne Campbell

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    1. Happy Gilmore--with a slapshot and death by a falling golf ball.

    2. Harry Potter or Voldemort-- They can blast you to bits just by saying a word

    3. 007 James Bond-- He's a spy and he's rich.

    4. Dumb and Dumber--because they can

    I like the one above where Indiana Jones wins...sweet.

  • 1 decade ago

    When it all comes down to it, it's 007 and the Terminator.

    A battle of that magnitude though would probably result in the universe imploding from the excessive amount of awesome-ness.

  • 1 decade ago

    Bond James Bond.

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