what is the Ph of distilled water? is it neutral or slightly acidic?

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    Absolutely pure water would be pH 7.0, but even distilled water is not pure. It still contains lots of ions. Totally de-ionized water would be pH 7.0.

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deionized_water Deionized water will quickly acquire a pH when exposed to air. Carbon dioxide, present in the atmosphere, will dissolve in the water, introducing ions and giving an acidic pH of around 5.0. The limited buffering capacity of DI water will not inhibit the formation of carbonic acid H2CO3. Boiling the water will remove the carbon dioxide to restore the absence of a pH value. In practice, the indication from chemical indicators can give a value of usually between pH 5.0 and pH 9.0 depending on the indicator used.
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    Ph Of Distilled Water

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    Distilled water is sligtly acidic. The pH measurements will give 5- 6 varying with the temperature. If to boil, pH can reach 7 at lower temperature and it will be lower at higher T.

    Deionised water is also sligtly acidic (pH 5.5-6.5 depending on the temperature). After boiling it will sligtly increase. May be it varies at different locations depedning on water compositions. It would be good to see the numbers measured worlwide.

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    The pH value of distilled water is not 7. It is less than it.

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    I just took PHENOL RED that one uses in testing swimming poos. I put five drops in a little distilled water that has been open for a month and it tested light yellow which is very acidic. I did not test it on a new bottle yet. But will. Sink water was just tested and it was red, which is even more acidic. I like distilled water for it is positively charged and all inorgainc matter in the body is negatively charged and will take it out of the body. Great for good health tomorrow I will test spring water here on the farm, Kennedy Alabama 35574. It will be most interesting.

    Thank you for your site. www.houseofmartyrs.com michaelbailey516@yahoo.com

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    we did several tests on this, we bought commercially available types of water and performed some test using a pH drop. Absolute and wilkins distilled water gave a reading of 5.5-6. aquabest bottled water (not the 5 gallon) had a reading of 7-7.5

    just to add.. sprite gave a reading of 2.5.. tsk

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    it is absolutely 7.0 I just measured the PH of store bought Distilled water (at room temperature) and my ph monitor was just calibrated a minute ago and it reads 7.0PH (neutral)

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    By definiton, pure water is at a neutral 7.0 Ph because it has the same number of H+ and OH- ions.

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    I descaled the distillation apparatus with 10% formic acid and 10% acetic acid. Since then the acidity level of the apparatus is 5.2-5.4. What might be the problem and how can I solve it?

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