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Wedding Make-up?

I have been doing my own make-up for years and I would actually be really comfortable doing my own make-up for my wedding this July. I am wondering how I should do this as far as the colors, how to get my lipstick to stay, how to make my make-up a step up from what I usually do. Any brides out there that have done their own make-up for their wedding? Any good website? Any advice or ideas? Its an outside wedding in July, PLEASE HELP!! Thank you!

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    I did my own too - just more intensely - it was on a hot July day, so that meant lots of powder. Try out different lipsticks if you want a true colour staying one - there's a website and book "don't go to the drugstore without me" - a lady who has been on Oprah and The View showing that drugstore products are as good or better than fancy-schmancy name brand items. This week they featured a lipstick - I think it was CoverGirl, with a stain at one end of the lipstick, then you put the gloss on that's on the other end.

    You'll be able to touch up your makeup after the ceremony if you are having professional photos done before the reception, then don't worry too much because after supper, hopefully you'll dance a lot and sweat that makeup right off!

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    Get your makeup done professionally!

    If you really want to do your own for your wedding, go to a counter in a department store and have them help you figure out application techniques and colors. They should make a chart for you so you can remember how to do it later. I recommend buying at least some of the makeup they show you.

    I'm happy doing my own makeup too, but I got my friend who worked at the Lancome counter in Nordstrom's to do a trial run with my makeup and then do it for my wedding. He spent almost 2 hours helping me pick the best foundation, colors, and overall look for my wedding and photos. It was wonderful to know that a professional helped me so I wasn't going to go wrong with colors.

    I made sure we stayed with more of a natural look, but played everything up. If you stay close to what you normally use, you can continue using the makeup after the wedding too.

    The important thing to remember is that makeup that looks fabulous in person may not photograph well at all! Think shiny, shimmery makeup. It looks terrible in pictures.

    A professional can help you figure out what to do so you look your best on your big day.

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    I was feeling this way, too, but the more I talked to people, the more they strongly encouraged i get my makeup done. Hey, a little pampering on your big day never hurt.

    For one thing, do you know anyone who sells Mary Kay? They are trained in doing makeup and will probably be happy to do up you and your wedding party for free. It'd be nice if you bought some of their makeup (it is quality stuff) or even bought some of their wonderful bath kits as gifts for your bridesmaids.

    Trust me, they will be able to look like your normal self, only more glamorous. They will also have techniques on how to get it to stay on all day. Maybe they could even give you a consultation before your wedding, and then you could do your own on your wedding day.

    Source(s): My Mary Kay lady is doing makeup for my wedding party. :)
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    I'm not much of a make-up girl on a daily basis, but I did buy some for my wedding and did it myself. I kept it pretty natural - a little bronzer powder, blush and a lightweight, shimmery lipstick - and found a tan shade of eyeshadow with a little shimmer that looked dressy but not overpowering or overdone. A natural, summertime look with bronzes, pink and a little shimmer that enhances your bride glow looks great!

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    Primarily stay with colors that you usually use, but more so.

    If you use products like Clinique or others that you might find at a dept. store, you could go in there and request some assistance with your wedding make-up.

    Most importantly, do several test-runs before the big day, especially during similar weather conditions so that you can make changes beforehand.

    Good luck!

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    For special occasions like this, I would strongly recommend that you get you make-up done professionally. Your make-up will need to be "punched up" to look good in all the photos. The photographer's flash tends to wash out people's coloring...... and "punched up" make-up can overcome and compensate for this. Make-up artists at a good salon near you would be very familiar with this and could do an excellent job.

    Source(s): I'm a photographer...
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    I have read that unless you really know what you are doing, get your make up done by someone who has experience with doing make up made for being photographed. Pictures tend to exagerate mistakes we may not notice in the mirror. Make sure that you talk to your make up artist about that... you don't want those pictures to look bad because of your make up!

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