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Our puppy seems sick?

We just got a 4 month old retreaver from the pound and they gave her a parvo shot and distemper. We are fostering the dog till we decide if we want to keep her. She is very sweet but will not eat. She has diahreha. She has been housebroken already and it is obvious that she is used to being inside a home.

If she has already had her shots, is there a chance of overdose and how soon may we see improvement?


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    The dog needs to see a vet. Really. There isn't a chance of an "overdose" with the vaccine.

    The poor thing had probably never seen a vet. Did they worm the dog or at least have a fecal done??

    Take it to the vet.

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    I think the best thing is make sure she is drinking plenty water for the time being , just to make sure she dose´t dehydrate just give her small amount´s of food , if she has just arrived at your home sure she might be a bit scared, so just keep an eye on her if no improvement take her to the vet

  • You should call the vet. And if she has diarrhea you can give her a little Pepito bismal about a half a teaspoon. it will coat her stomach and give her some relief. you can also give her a little Gatorade to keep her hydrated it is very important she stays hydrated.

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    GIVE her honey my uncles dog was just like that he gave it honey and it came back to life>>> give it about a spoon if it dosent work take it to vet

    Source(s): my uncle had this
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    Better call a vet quick this sound bad.

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    ummm this is a question for the vet.......and also go back to the pound where she got her shots,, and inform them

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    she could have ibs, but call a vet, that is the only way to be sure

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